The Astrology of Spirituality & Religion with Nate Craddock

The Astrology of Spirituality & Religion with Nate Craddock

Dinner and Drinks is back on October 17, welcoming Nate Craddock as our guest of honor!

It’s no secret that astrologers and occultists often have stories that include a major shift in worldview, sometimes including trauma. Whether that’s from hardline materialism and atheism, or from heavily religious backgrounds in Christianity, spiritual or existential upheaval of some kind is common in the stories of our fellows. Nate is joining us to talk all about the significators of religion and spirituality in the natal chart, and how that can be used in a consulting setting to help clients untangle their religious trauma. 

Nate’s background gives him a unique perspective and especially tender hand in handling this delicate subject, as a preacher’s kid turned astrological magician, who is also an ordained priest and professional astrologer. 

Bring ALL your juicy and controversial questions, and let’s journey to the 9th house and back together!

Nate Craddock is a professional astrologer with a specialization in classical horary and an ordained priest who serves a congregation of the United Church of Christ. Find out more about Nate at

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