Board of Directors

Janay Anthony (she/her), Chair

Headshot of Janay, a medium-toned Black woman

Janay Anthony (she/hers) is an astrologer and tarot reader based in Chicago, IL. Her study of the subjects spans over a decade, and she incorporates both traditional and modern techniques into her practice. In early 2020, she started getting actively involved in the astrological community and noticed an alarming lack of accessibility in the field. Along with accessibility, Janay is passionate about bringing inclusion and representation to astrology. As a queer, multi-disabled, Black woman, she understands the pain of being part of communities that don’t hold space for such intersecting identities, and It’s her goal to create that space in astrology.

Outside of astrology, Janay’s interests span across a wide array. She graduated with a BA in Screenwriting in 2017. She also has a background in acting and is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. In 2023, Janay graduated with a MA in Couples and Family Counseling and incorporates her artistry and spiritual practices into her work as a couples and sex therapist.

Anna DunLany (she/her) , Treasurer

Anna DunLany is a traditionally influenced modern astrologer who specializes in natal and relationship readings. She started studying astrology in her teens, reading every book and internet forum she could find, then formally studied with Samuel Reynolds, and opened her professional practice in 2022. With her background in non-profit fundraising and volunteer management, Anna is focused on how AYA can best support astrologers educationally and financially, while connecting with one another in meaningful ways.

A deep love of history, creative writing, and her Gemini MC led Anna to combine her academic and esoteric interests and write her newsletter, Overly Personal Astrology, where she writes personal essays and astrological analysis of herself and historical figures.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dee (they/them), Secretary

Dee (they/them) is an eternal astrology and tarot student since the Great Conjunction at the end of 2020. Dee joined Sam Reynolds’ classes to develop a solid foundation and is always looking for opportunities to learn, share, and goof off. While not a consulting astrologer, Dee loves a good relocated chart or a beautiful election, and believes there’s so much left to discover and rediscover in astrology. 

By day, they are a UI/UX designer, project manager, and team-builder. They bring the Virgo nature of process refinement while maintaining a fun, jovial atmosphere that keeps everyone engaged. They are based in Chicago. 

Mo Olufemi (she/her), Education Coordinator

Mo is an American astrologer currently based in Toronto, Canada. She has been a practicing astrologer since 2018. She specializes in Hellenistic and Medieval astrology, focusing heavily on Solar Revolutions, Profections, and related timing techniques. She is passionate about teaching people about the various applications of the smaller subdivisions of the zodiac.

Melissa Marklin (she/her), Social Media Manager

A picture of Adina in a denim shirt and a grey beanie sitting against a white wall with black symbols drawn on it. These include the Scorpio glyph, a daisy, a bone, a fish, and a ufo.

Melissa (she/her) is a Hellenistic astrologer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her interest in astrology started at a young age, but she started to study it more seriously after leaving academia, in 2020. Now, she uses her astrological knowledge to support her freelance work, including administrative assistance, social media marketing, and podcast production. In all her work, her focus is on accessibility and inclusion, with hopes of opening up opportunities for greater representation in the astrological community.

When not looking to the stars, she’s either reading, watching the latest hit TV show, or working on her podcast, In Bed With Books. Her academic background is quite the hodgepodge of liberal arts studies, starting at Arizona State University with Anthropology, Art History, and Literature, particularly in the Classical period. Later she attended King’s College London, receiving a Master’s in 18th century studies.