Board Members

Janay Anthony, Vice President (she/her)

Janay Anthony (she/hers) is a Hellenistic astrologer and tarot reader based in Chicago, IL. Her study of the subjects spans the better part of a decade, and she incorporates both traditional and modern techniques into her practice. In early 2020, she started getting actively involved in the astrological community and noticed an alarming lack of accessibility in the field. Along with accessibility, Janay is passionate about bringing inclusion and representation to astrology. As a queer, black woman with disabilities, she understands the pain of being part of communities that don’t hold space for such intersecting identities, and It’s her goal to create that space in astrology.

Outside of astrology, Janay’s interests span across a wide array. She graduated with a BA in Screenwriting in 2017.  She also has a background in acting and is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.  Another passion in Janay’s life is her love of human sexuality and sex education.  She is currently in a Master’s program to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and receive certification as a sex therapist.

Mo Olufemi, Membership Coordinator (she/her)

Mo is an American astrologer currently based in Toronto, Canada. She has been a practicing astrologer since 2018. She specializes in Hellenistic and Medieval astrology, focusing heavily on Solar Revolutions, Profections, and related timing techniques. She is passionate about teaching people about the various applications of the smaller subdivisions of the zodiac.

Jake Green, Treasurer (he/him)

Jake is a queer, consulting astrologer from NC. He studies and practices traditional forms of astrology and specializes in the Hellenistic Lots/Arabic Parts. Through his work, he hopes to restore the technique of casting Lots to its past level of prominence. He began studying astrology in 2018 after his curiosity was sparked by a meme mentioning moon signs. Now you can find him on twitter following the moon’s transits with memes of his own.

As an HBCU alumni he studied social work and psychology under the tutelage of Black women which informs his views on systemic issues and social inequality. His ethical principles are guided by the social work values of service, social justice, integrity, and competence. Jake was also the grant writer for a local non-profit and has years of experience in fundraising, extensive knowledge of non-profit organizations, and a passion for social good.

Adina Hertzel, Communications Manager (she/her)

Adina (she/her) is a lesbian jewish astrologer currently based in NYC. She has studied astrology under the mentorship of Samuel F. Reynolds while deepening her knowledge through study and conversations with a variety of teachers and peers. She holds a BA in Folklore and Mythology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies and is currently earning an MA in clinical psychology with a focus on Spirituality, Mind, and Body. Adina’s work spans across medieval, hellenstic and modern techniques, and her work has been featured on The Strology Show, Astro Anecdotes, and Do the Roses Align. 

Adina’s astrological practice explores the relationship of self to the personal, interpersonal,  structural, and cosmic in a way that fosters self-compassion and deep exploration. When not astrologizing, Adina loves binge-watching television, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and teaching herself new fiber art mediums.