How You Can Help AYA

The Association for Young Astrologers reveals its core mission with the word for ─ we are for young and emerging astrologers, not just comprised of them.

That means that anyone, regardless of age or level of experience, is welcome to engage and sojourn with our organization. Even if you do not self-identify as “young”, you can still be for Young Astrologers. Here’s how:

If you support integrating new astrologers into the wider community, you are for young astrologers.

If you support forging bonds between different generations of astrologers, you are for young astrologers.

If you support preserving the wisdom of veteran astrologers and facilitating its transmission to the next generation, you are for young astrologers.

If you support nurturing the community’s youth as an investment in our future, you are for young astrologers.

If you support innovative points of view and fresh voices in our tradition, you are for young astrologers

We are the Association for Young Astrologers.

If you feel passionate or invested in one of the above statements, you may be asking yourself how you can be involved with our mission.

1) Join As A Benefactor

Supporting AYA as a member on the benefactor level not only shows your support for our mission, it helps fund our efforts. Our board of volunteers works to innovate new ways to support emerging astrologers in the field by providing publishing opportunities, free community events, and build scholarship programs.

2) Donate A Lecture

AYA is proud to offer an extensive library of free resources to our members. Donating a lecture to our Downloads section gives young and emerging astrologers access to educational resources that financial circumstances might otherwise restrict.

3) Offer a Discount or Coupon Code

Offering an exclusive discount on your classes, lectures, or events to AYA members is a great way to make educational resources more available to emerging astrologers. For example, Kepler college offers a 10 percent discount on classes to verified AYA members.

4) Purchase the Ascendant

AYA’s yearly journal, The Ascendant, is a cutting edge publication that gives a platform to the work of emerging professionals. Your purchase directly supports the Association For Young Astrologers and the work of young astrologers.

5) Collaborate With Us

Have an idea we didn’t list here? We would love hear from you. Let us know how you want to help by contacting us at

AYA is a volunteer organization, built of blood, sweat and love. If you have time, energy and skills you’d like to offer AYA, let us know! Contact us at and let us know about your skill set. We’ll see if there’s a job for you!