Welcome to AYA’s Job Board

This is a place for you to offer your skills to the community, or find the help you need to run your practice. Our astrological community is one of our greatest resources and we want to help you tap into it.

Why hire within our community?

With the rapid growth in the astrological community, two things are happening. First, there is an influx of young and talented newcomers to the community. Second, there is more opportunity than ever to reach potential students and clients. But there are still only 24 hours in a day.

When we come together, we can accomplish great things.

Many young people in our community have all the passion and enthusiasm to get involved, but often find it challenging to afford conferences, classes, and books. But many of the newest members of our community have fresh perspectives and relevant skillsets to offer, such as social media management, graphic design, web design, and more.

Many established practitioners don’t have the time to optimize their website, redesign their logo, or run their social media accounts amidst a busy schedule packed with teaching, client work, and more. It just makes sense to hire young astrologer or student with the right skills, rather than someone who doesn’t know our unique field.

The purpose of this job board is to create opportunities, inspire innovation and advancement in our field, and to bring our community together.

By hiring young astrologers, you are helping them get involved and integrate into our community, as well as helping to fund their way to the cornerstone events in our community such as conferences, workshops, and classes.

By offering your skills to the community, you are helping elevate our craft and create excellence in the digital presence of astrologers.

Above all, we are stronger when we come together. AYA’s mission is to create continuity between generations, and we hope this Job Board will inspire collaboration, innovation, and above all, a true spirit of community.


The purpose of the Job Board is to connect astrologers who can help each other; to highlight opportunities for young astrologers to use their skills in our community; to provide resources for professional astrologers to run their businesses effectively; and to inspire innovation, advancement, and excellence in our field through collaboration and partnership.


1) established astrologers who need a hand running their business. Examples of Job Opportunity listings include but are not limited to: administrative assistant, graphic designer, social media manager, audio/video editor, conference photographer, meetup volunteers, etc

2) young astrologers who have skills to offer to established practitioners in the field. Examples of Skills Offered Listings include but are not limited to: administrative skills, project management, graphic design, social media management, web design, audio/video editing, photography/videography, etc.



AYA Members may submit a Listing to the Job Board.

  • Submit your inquiry using the appropriate intake form below: Job Opportunity or Skills Offered. 
  • Your submission will be reviewed by the AYA board, and either approved or rejected within 36 hours.
  • Once approved, you will be notified via email and your Listing will be visible on either the Job Opportunity or Skills Offered page. 


Everyone can view the Job Board Listings─ not just AYA members.

  • All Listings will include an email address viewable on the Job Board Listing pages.
  • If you’re interested in contacting someone about their Listing, contact them directly using the email address in the Listing.
  • Any and all agreements, discussions, and negotiations are the sole responsibility of Collaborators involved.
  • AYA is neither responsible for nor involved in negotiating or enforcing job agreements, contracts, or other arrangements between Collaborators.


  • AYA reserves the right to accept or reject any submission that is not in alignment with our values and mission, at the discretion of the AYA board.. 
  • Submissions that contain inappropriate offerings or material will be rejected. 
  • A valid email address is required as the primary mode of contact, and will be displayed in your Listing.
  • By providing your email address in your submission, you give potential Collaborators permission to contact you at that email address.
  • AYA is not involved in or responsible for any negotiation or arrangement processes initiated via the Job Board.
  • AYA is not responsible for the outcome or result of any potential arrangements initiated via the Job Board.

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If you are a young astrologer with skills to offer to established practitioners in the industry,  check out our Job Opportunity Listings:

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