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The Association for Young Astrologers offers many benefits to our members, including discounts, resources, publishing opportunities, and more. AYA’s membership dues are the lowest around─ $20 per year gets you all these goodies. Not a member yet? What are you waiting for?!

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1) Free Lectures

Our lectures archive features video and audio webinars donated by leading astrologers in our field. Members can download these lectures for free! Expand your understanding of astrological techniques!

2) Conference Roomshares

AYA organizes hotel roomshares at astrological conferences. Members pool together to lock in a low nightly rate for accommodation and enjoy bonding together in the shared space. Roomshares are scheduled as need arises, so keep an eye on our website for updates!

3) Dinner and Drinks Archive

The video archive of our monthly online meetup “Dinner and Drinks” is also available to members. Explore the cutting age of astrological practice with leading astrologers in a casual, conversational setting!

4) Networking and Community Engagement

We strive to create an environment of inclusivity, welcome and hospitality in our community. Find us in person at conferences, organizing events and get-togethers so you don’t get lost in the crowd!

5) AYA Discord Server

Discord is a chat platform for communities and friends, and AYA members have one all to themselves! The AYA Discord is full of diverse channels for different types of astrology, bringing together our membership for come and go discussion at any time of the day or night. Discord is free, easy to use, and independent from other social media platforms─ ideal for those who choose not to use social media, or for those taking a social media break. Join the Discord here!

Your AYA membership supports the spirit of our mission and provides financial backing for new initiatives and membership benefits we will be rolling out in 2020. Thank you for your support!