2019 NCGR Conference

2019 NCGR Conference

The Association for Young Astrologers will be hosting a series of gatherings in the evenings at the 2019 NCGR conference. We will meet in the AYA Lounge on the Ground Floor of the Hotel. 

Our theme will be planetary magick, ritual, and myth. After a day of learning, we will gather to enter into a ritual space, release stress, integrate, and deepen our connection with the sacred. 

Our choice of planets reflects the scheme of Planetary nights proposed by the medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti. During each night of the week, a different planet presides as opposed to the planet the day is named after. We are grateful to Benjamin Dykes for his translation as well as Austin Coppock for his work drawing out this doctrine and revealing it in the fabric of modern life. 

We will serve herbal tea that aligns with the planet of the night’s energy. Essential oil aromatherapy that honors each planet will be thick in the air. We will ponder myth, consider brief excerpts from ancient astrological treatises, and learn about sacred sites in Greece that honor the planetary deity. We are open to collaborating in real time with any other astrologers who wish to co-create sacred space with us that honors the planet of the night. Text AYA’s President Danny Larkin on 917-504-4069, e-mail him at danielblarkin@gmail.com or drop by the recording desk during the conference where he will he working.

Here is the schedule. The start time varies depending on the evening’s conference events. The meeting place will be the AYA Lounge on the Ground Floor.

This paged will be updated frequently as events evolve.

1. Friday, August 30th – 8:30pm – Mars Planetary Magick 

Aromatherapy: Ginger Essential Oil
Tea: Ginger Tea

Co-Lead by Danny Larkin and Maria Wander

2. Saturday, August 31st – 7pm – Mercury Planetary Magick 

Aromatherapy: Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
Tea: Licorice

3. Sunday, September 1st – 11pm – Jupiter Planetary MagickBanquet Afterparty – Find Danny on the dance floor – we will begin the session after the last song. Come dance with us first! 

Aromatherapy: Peppermint Essential Oil
Tea: Peppermint

4. Monday, September 2nd – 7pm – Venus Planetary Magick

Aromatherapy: Rose Essential Oil
Tea: Rose