Astrology As Self-Care: Dinner and Drinks with Stacia Secreriat

Astrology As Self-Care: Dinner and Drinks with Stacia Secreriat

Dinner and Drinks is back in May welcoming Stacia Secreriat as our Dinner and Drinks guest of honor!

Stacia is passionate about using the natal chart to optimize self-care, cultivate compassion towards the self, and balance planetary energies in the chart.

Knowing ourselves well, and understanding our own motivations and needs leads us to be able to tend to those needs in a deeper way than we could without astrology. This is the crux of Stacia’s client work, helping people care for themselves using their own unique placements.

She’s joining us May 30, 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific to share her wisdom and answer your questions.

From Stacia’s website, Moon Deep Astrology:

“Just like a doctor can look at a patient’s vital chart and make a diagnosis to find appropriate cures, so can astrologers look to a natal chart to find signatures of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments and their remedies. A medical vital chart is exactly what the name implies: a record of a patient’s vitals; their literal patterns of life through heartbeat, breath, and the body.

Astrology uses a natal chart to find the energetic patterns in your personality and earthly vehicle. Understanding your chart can not only help you understand these “vitals” better, but also help you realize your highest potential. Astrology can help us feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. We can use it to be more productive, be more relaxed, treat inflammation in the body, heal emotional trauma, or literally any thing that might “ail” us. Understanding our astrological tendencies can be a great place to start looking for treatment or acceptance of our current issues.”

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4pm – Hawaii – Hawaii Standard Time
6pm– Los Angeles – Pacific Standard Time
7pm – Denver – Mountain Standard Time
8pm – Chicago – Central Standard time
9pm – New York / Toronto – Eastern Standard Time
10pm – Halifax / Charlottetown – Atlantic Standard Time
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Friday, May 31st at:

Midnight – Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo – Brazil Summer Time
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