Lunar Mansions Q&A – Elodie St Onge Aubut and Chris Reppucci

Join the Association for Young Astrologers for our monthly zoom event: Dinner and Drinks!  We encourage you to bring grub, pour out a beverage, sit at your computer or with your smartphone, and join us for a casual, Q&A based event inspired by after hours gatherings at astrology conferences.

This month’s special guests are Elodie St-Onge-Aubut and Chris Reppucci. They will share their ideas about how the lunar mansions might be incorporated into astrological practice.

The moon moves through the 28 lunar mansions in the sky every month. Depending upon which mansion the moon resides in on a given day, there are particular moods, symbols, archetypes and layers of meaning to be considered in natal interpretation as well as astrological magic.

About Elodie:

About Chris:

This event is free, online, and open to everyone. Join us Thursday, April 30, 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT.

Link to join:

This event will be recorded if you can’t make it to the live session. Recordings are available to all members of the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA). Membership is $20 per year, and astrologers of all ages and study levels are welcome to join! Membership also gives access to a library of previous Dinner and Drinks recordings, lectures donated by pro astrologers, and other perks. To learn more about the many benefits of AYA membership, check out our Member Benefits page! Not a member yet? Join here!

Dinner and Drinks: Essential Dignity with #DignityBabes

This Women’s History Month, we’re bringing in a stellar panel to discuss the hot topic of Essential Dignity. The #dignitybabes, Charm Torres, Cello Carpenter-Pierce, Kelsey Rose Tortorice, Erin Tack-Shipley, and AYA Vice President Jo Gleason tackle questions on the concept of essential dignity.

#DignityBabes is a collaborative community conversation started by Charm, Cell, Kelsey, Erin, Diana Rose Harper, and Jo Gleason with the intention to create meaningful dialogue around essential dignity in practice, and other important topics such as professionalism, the nature of learning astrology, and responsible and aware content creation and consumption. To learn more about the campaign, check out the hashtag on instagram and twitter.

Join us on March 26th at 6:30 PM PST / 9:30 PM EST for this incredible panel at this link:

Astrological Magic with Nina Gryphon

Dinner and Drinks is back in February, welcoming Nina Gryphon as our guest of honor! Join us Thursday, Feb 20 to chat all things astrological magic.  Thursday, Feb 20 at 9:30 EST/6:30 PST for an online Q&A based discussion that’s free and open to everyone!

Dinner and Drinks is back in February, welcoming Nina Gryphon as our guest of honor! Join us Thursday, Feb 20 to chat all things astrological magic.

From magical electional rules to the myriad of talisman types, Nina is bringing her years of experience and expertise to the table to answer all your questions.

To learn more about Nina and check out her Magical Elections podcast.

Join us Thursday, Feb 20 at 9:30 EST/6:30 PST for an online Q&A based discussion that’s free and open to everyone! Click here to join the zoom meeting HERE.

Dinner and Drinks with Leisa Schaim: Zodiacal Releasing Q&A

Dinner and Drinks is back in December welcoming Leisa Schaim as our guest of honor! Join us on the evening of Thursday, December 19th. 

Leisa will be speaking about using the timing technique of zodiacal releasing in an astrological consulting practice. This conversation assumes knowledge of the basic idea of zodiacal releasing, which is an ancient timing technique documented by the Hellenistic astrologer Vettius Valens (120 – 175), although everyone is welcome to listen even if the topic is new to you. The English translation of his manuscript has only become widely available in the past few decades, generating significant interest around how to apply it in modern times.  

If you wish to brush up on Zodiacal Releasing before this casual Q & A session, feel free to check out one or both of these resources:

Numerous astrological software programs, both paid and free, can now generate reports that utilize Valens’ techniques to divide life into different chapters or segments. Leisa has been observing the correlations corresponding with this timing technique in people’s charts for over a decade. She will share her insights and answer questions about interpreting these shifts in your own charts as well as in client charts. 

Join AYA for an exciting conversation about the cutting edge of resurrecting ancient astrological techniques for the 21st century.   

Find out more about Leisa Schaim –

CLICK HERE for the Zoom meeting link.

The Astrology of Food with Catherine Urban

Dinner and Drinks is back on Thursday, November 21st at 9:30pm Eastern / 6:30pm Pacfic, welcoming Catherine Urban as our guest of honor.

What are you cooking for the winter holidays? Did you know the astrological resonances of certain foods? Imagine finessing your holiday dinner with a menu that vibes with the charts of your guests.

Join us for a casual Q & A conversation about astrology and food with Catherine Urban. Her new book “Your Astrological Cookbook: The Perfect Recipe for Every Sign” is out now.

Catherine Urban is a professional astrologer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She is certified at Level 4 by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR-PAA IV). She has served on the board of the Lake County Astrological Association (LCAA), taught webinars for the International Academy of Astrology, and has lectured locally with LCAA on several occasions. In 2019, she has begun speaking at astrology conferences – including the Great Lakes Astrology Conference and NCGR-NYC’s Fall Education conference.

Bring ALL your juicy and foodie questions.

Join us here:

The Astrology of Spirituality & Religion with Nate Craddock

Dinner and Drinks is back on October 17, welcoming Nate Craddock as our guest of honor!

It’s no secret that astrologers and occultists often have stories that include a major shift in worldview, sometimes including trauma. Whether that’s from hardline materialism and atheism, or from heavily religious backgrounds in Christianity, spiritual or existential upheaval of some kind is common in the stories of our fellows. Nate is joining us to talk all about the significators of religion and spirituality in the natal chart, and how that can be used in a consulting setting to help clients untangle their religious trauma. 

Nate’s background gives him a unique perspective and especially tender hand in handling this delicate subject, as a preacher’s kid turned astrological magician, who is also an ordained priest and professional astrologer. 

Bring ALL your juicy and controversial questions, and let’s journey to the 9th house and back together!

Nate Craddock is a professional astrologer with a specialization in classical horary and an ordained priest who serves a congregation of the United Church of Christ. Find out more about Nate at

Join us here:

2019 NCGR Conference

The Association for Young Astrologers will be hosting a series of gatherings in the evenings at the 2019 NCGR conference. We will meet in the AYA Lounge on the Ground Floor of the Hotel. 

Our theme will be planetary magick, ritual, and myth. After a day of learning, we will gather to enter into a ritual space, release stress, integrate, and deepen our connection with the sacred. 

Our choice of planets reflects the scheme of Planetary nights proposed by the medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti. During each night of the week, a different planet presides as opposed to the planet the day is named after. We are grateful to Benjamin Dykes for his translation as well as Austin Coppock for his work drawing out this doctrine and revealing it in the fabric of modern life. 

We will serve herbal tea that aligns with the planet of the night’s energy. Essential oil aromatherapy that honors each planet will be thick in the air. We will ponder myth, consider brief excerpts from ancient astrological treatises, and learn about sacred sites in Greece that honor the planetary deity. We are open to collaborating in real time with any other astrologers who wish to co-create sacred space with us that honors the planet of the night. Text AYA’s President Danny Larkin on 917-504-4069, e-mail him at or drop by the recording desk during the conference where he will he working.

Here is the schedule. The start time varies depending on the evening’s conference events. The meeting place will be the AYA Lounge on the Ground Floor.

This paged will be updated frequently as events evolve.

1. Friday, August 30th – 8:30pm – Mars Planetary Magick 

Aromatherapy: Ginger Essential Oil
Tea: Ginger Tea

Co-Lead by Danny Larkin and Maria Wander

2. Saturday, August 31st – 7pm – Mercury Planetary Magick 

Aromatherapy: Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
Tea: Licorice

3. Sunday, September 1st – 11pm – Jupiter Planetary MagickBanquet Afterparty – Find Danny on the dance floor – we will begin the session after the last song. Come dance with us first! 

Aromatherapy: Peppermint Essential Oil
Tea: Peppermint

4. Monday, September 2nd – 7pm – Venus Planetary Magick

Aromatherapy: Rose Essential Oil
Tea: Rose

Dinner & Drinks with Annabel Gat: The Astrology of Love and Sex

Dinner and Drinks is back in August – welcoming Annabel Gat as our guest of honor! Join us on the evening of Thursday, August 15th at 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PDT

Annabel will be leading a Q & A about the astrology of compatibility. Her new book The Astrology of Love and Sex introduces readers to this rich topic.

How do we answer questions from clients and friends like which sun sign should I date? How can we use knowledge of our own significant other’s chart to improve the relationship? What if we meet an editor at a party who is interested in publishing our work and we have to give an “elevator pitch” on astrology, which is such a vast and complex subject, to someone who is a complete beginner?

Join us for a casual Q & A conversation about astrology and dating.

Find out more about Annabel Gat –

Join the meeting here:

Dinner and Drinks with Sam Reynolds: The USA’s Pluto Return

Dinner and Drinks is back in July welcoming Sam Reynolds as our guest of honor! Join us on the evening of Thursday, July 25th. 

Sam will be speaking about the upcoming Pluto Return of the United States. It will be exact in 2022. As Pluto slowly approaches this point at 27° Capricorn over the next few years, this return is coming into the orb of effect. 

It’s hard to discuss – but the truth is that slavery, racism, economic disparities, and police brutality harken back to the founding of the United States of America. How we grapple with this difficult legacy keeps breaking through in today’s headlines as inequality festers. Local police routinely direct excessive force at black and brown bodies. The USA has the highest incarceration rate in the world. For instance, men who don’t happen to be white are disproportionately locked behind bars while white criminals remain free. 

There are no easy answers here…. how plutonian. 

Sam will also unpack a problematic insight from Liz Greene’s book on Pluto. The black man has often been cast as an archetypal symbol of Pluto in western culture. Many individuals internalize the black man into their psyche and dreams as a Plutonian symbol. Does this conflation do justice to either black men or to Pluto?

Join AYA for a perspective on the Pluto return that doesn’t shy away from openly acknowledging the wounds of race, slavery, economic disparities, and our relationship to safety & security with policing. Our vision is to create a safe space and container for a dialogue about the pressing issues of our time, and how to understand America’s Plutonian legacy.  

Find out more about Sam Reynolds –

Dinner & Drinks: The Astrology of RuPaul


Dinner and Drinks is back in June welcoming Shawn Nygaard as our guest of honor! Join us on the evening of Thursday, June 27th.

Shawn is passionate about exploring RuPaul’s natal chart. As we mark the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, it’s a fascinating look at a queer person who blazed their own path. RuPaul has a natal Saturn in Capricorn and uniquely embodies the Senex and Puer dichotomy. It’s a whole different way to rock Saturn.

Join AYA for a light-hearted (and serious) conversation about RuPaul, Drag, queerness, and the role of creativity in breathing life into planetary energies.

Find out more about Shawn –

Access the meeting on June 27th at this link

Call for Submissions!

We are now accepting submissions for the third issue of The Ascendant, the official journal of AYA.

We are looking for submissions on topics such as:

  • astrological practices in various global geographies
  • astrology and intersectionality
  • the reconstruction of previously unknown traditional material
  • innovations in the application of astrology
  • novel perspectives on the philosophical implications of the art
  • visual art exploring astrological themes

If you’ve never written before, never fear, our editorial board is a hands-on team to help get your idea polished and ready for ink. Some of our authors have gone on to be published in The Mountain Astrologer. This is a great way to kick-start your astro-publishing career.

Our readers are interested in citations for further reading, so please make sure to footnote your sources according to Chicago Manual of Style 17.

You will be notified as soon as possible of the acceptability of your submission. AYA does not discriminate against authors and artists based on age, race, creed, gender or nationality. AYA is for young astrologers, not of them, and the journal is open to submissions from people of all ages.

Please submit your paper or artwork by January 23rd, 2019. Written submissions should be between 2500–8000 words and sent to . Art submissions can be black and white or full color. If larger files are being transferred please use a service such as

If you have any questions, contact us at

We look forward to seeing you in the pages of The Ascendant!

Your editorial team,
Danny, Nick, and Jenn

The Ascendant Volume II

The Ascendant is the official journal of the Association for Young Astrologers. You can purchase a copy of this journal by visiting the Revelore Press website. Read the letter from the editors below to learn more about the works contained in this volume.

Purchase a copy












Dear reader,

Welcome to the second volume of The Ascendant, the literary outlet for the Association for Young Astrologers. Upholding our mission of intergenerational continuity and helping emerging astrologers enter and excel in the field, we present an ad-free blend of technical, theoretical, and historical articles with astral-inspired images by authors and artists of all ages.

Our timing for this volume, and perhaps the journal as a whole, carries a significant astrological signature. As we set about creating a new Ascendant in time for the 2018 United Astrology Conference, in Chicago, Mars conjoined Saturn in Capricorn in the ambient, which echoed the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio in 2014 that occurred when we worked on the first issue. The process has been quite intense.

As of this volume, we welcome Wade Caves, as charts editor, and Danny Larkin, the current aya president, to our editorial board. We would also like to acknowledge the pivotal labors of our outgoing president, Alia Wesala, in bringing The Ascendant back into print and securing a relationship with Revelore Press to bring out issues on an annual basis. We are grateful to Alia, our authors and artists, and everyone who worked with us to make this issue possible.

We open with a contribution by Michael MacLafferty on the question of disability in astrology. We then move to an extended examination of the astrology behind the return of Wonder Woman, by none other than Wonder Bright, which weaves together the history and astrology of Wonder Woman’s creation and reëmergence. From there, we encounter artist Grant Hanna’s wandering pilgrims—a rich depiction of essential dignity per planet.

The next three pieces sharpen our technical toolkit: First we have Lars Panaro giving a concise consideration of the seven Hermetic Lots; we move on to learning how to use the prenatal syzygy and the Daimon to predict violent death according to Vettius Valens with Tania Daniels; and then Cassandra Tyndall takes us through the life of Madonna to demonstrate the technique of Firdaria.

Then we discover Gary P. Caton’s new findings on the long cycle of Mars and Venus, a long-awaited companion to his contribution to volume one. Switching gears to a different long view, Estebon S.R. Duarte presents a scholarly piece on the history of astrological transmission from Mesopotamia to Greece. From Greece we hop over to India, where Freedom Cole reveals a more nuanced understanding of the practice of astrology on the subcontinent.

In our first issue, J. Lee Lehman scrutinized the potential astrological markers of humanity’s perilous relationship to the split atom. David Leskowitz brings attention to nuclear power again, through his exploration of how the trans-Neptunian object Berossus fits into the historical events and astrology. Pivoting ever so slightly, Kenneth D. Miller takes us through the incredible history of how Pluto got its significations.

Finally, we close the issue with a juxtaposition of new and old. Kent Bye returns to share his visions for astrology’s future in 2025, and this is immediately followed by the first-ever English translation of a lecture given by philosopher Count Hermann Keyserling in Germany in 1910 about astrology and the human imagination. We end on this archival note firstly with the express wish to see more of you translating texts from relatively modern materials (not just Latin, Greek, and Arabic sources), but also to show how far we may or may not have come in the 108 years since that lecture was first delivered. After all, 108 marks the degrees of arc distance from the Sun when Saturn makes its stations—a celestial event occurring as we write this letter to you.

We are thrilled that authors, artists, and photographers from around the world contributed their work to this issue. Our contributors hail from Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the United States. A truly global effort.

On a technical note, please observe that the charts shown here depict degrees only. Since minutes are not shown, the degrees are not rounded up and you should be aware that if something reads 26º Aquarius, it indicates anyting between 26º 01’ to 26º 59’ Aquarius.

Welcome to the second issue of our journal, we hope you enjoy it.

Jennifer Zahrt, PhD,
Danny Larkin, AYA President
Nicholas Civitello