Q&A with Lisa Stardust: Professional Horoscope Writing

Q&A with Lisa Stardust: Professional Horoscope Writing

lisa stardust

Lisa will be leading a Q & A about professional horoscope writing. She writes horoscopes and astrology content for British Vogue, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Girlboss, Bust, The Hoodwitch, Swipe Life, Medium, and other publications.

Some of the questions, we will be exploring include:

  1. What techniques you use to create horoscopes for the 12 sun signs
  2. How to create a daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes
  3. How to web content fresh, exciting, and newsworthy
  4. The most common mistakes young astrologers make during their first horoscope writing gigue

There will be ample time to ask Lisa Stardust other questions as well. Join us for a casual Q & A conversation about how to make the leap into horoscope writing!

Find out more about Lisa Stardust : https://lisastardust.com/

Check out the link to the meeting: https://zoom.us/j/830809322

2019 NCGR Conference

The Association for Young Astrologers will be hosting a series of gatherings in the evenings at the 2019 NCGR conference. We will meet in the AYA Lounge on the Ground Floor of the Hotel. 

Our theme will be planetary magick, ritual, and myth. After a day of learning, we will gather to enter into a ritual space, release stress, integrate, and deepen our connection with the sacred. 

Our choice of planets reflects the scheme of Planetary nights proposed by the medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti. During each night of the week, a different planet presides as opposed to the planet the day is named after. We are grateful to Benjamin Dykes for his translation as well as Austin Coppock for his work drawing out this doctrine and revealing it in the fabric of modern life. 

We will serve herbal tea that aligns with the planet of the night’s energy. Essential oil aromatherapy that honors each planet will be thick in the air. We will ponder myth, consider brief excerpts from ancient astrological treatises, and learn about sacred sites in Greece that honor the planetary deity. We are open to collaborating in real time with any other astrologers who wish to co-create sacred space with us that honors the planet of the night. Text AYA’s President Danny Larkin on 917-504-4069, e-mail him at danielblarkin@gmail.com or drop by the recording desk during the conference where he will he working.

Here is the schedule. The start time varies depending on the evening’s conference events. The meeting place will be the AYA Lounge on the Ground Floor.

This paged will be updated frequently as events evolve.

1. Friday, August 30th – 8:30pm – Mars Planetary Magick 

Aromatherapy: Ginger Essential Oil
Tea: Ginger Tea

Co-Lead by Danny Larkin and Maria Wander

2. Saturday, August 31st – 7pm – Mercury Planetary Magick 

Aromatherapy: Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
Tea: Licorice

3. Sunday, September 1st – 11pm – Jupiter Planetary MagickBanquet Afterparty – Find Danny on the dance floor – we will begin the session after the last song. Come dance with us first! 

Aromatherapy: Peppermint Essential Oil
Tea: Peppermint

4. Monday, September 2nd – 7pm – Venus Planetary Magick

Aromatherapy: Rose Essential Oil
Tea: Rose

Dinner & Drinks with Annabel Gat: The Astrology of Love and Sex

Dinner and Drinks is back in August – welcoming Annabel Gat as our guest of honor! Join us on the evening of Thursday, August 15th at 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PDT

Annabel will be leading a Q & A about the astrology of compatibility. Her new book The Astrology of Love and Sex introduces readers to this rich topic.

How do we answer questions from clients and friends like which sun sign should I date? How can we use knowledge of our own significant other’s chart to improve the relationship? What if we meet an editor at a party who is interested in publishing our work and we have to give an “elevator pitch” on astrology, which is such a vast and complex subject, to someone who is a complete beginner?

Join us for a casual Q & A conversation about astrology and dating.

Find out more about Annabel Gat – https://www.annabelgat.com/

Join the meeting here: https://zoom.us/j/441627102

Dinner and Drinks with Sam Reynolds: The USA’s Pluto Return

Dinner and Drinks is back in July welcoming Sam Reynolds as our guest of honor! Join us on the evening of Thursday, July 25th. 

Sam will be speaking about the upcoming Pluto Return of the United States. It will be exact in 2022. As Pluto slowly approaches this point at 27° Capricorn over the next few years, this return is coming into the orb of effect. 

It’s hard to discuss – but the truth is that slavery, racism, economic disparities, and police brutality harken back to the founding of the United States of America. How we grapple with this difficult legacy keeps breaking through in today’s headlines as inequality festers. Local police routinely direct excessive force at black and brown bodies. The USA has the highest incarceration rate in the world. For instance, men who don’t happen to be white are disproportionately locked behind bars while white criminals remain free. 

There are no easy answers here…. how plutonian. 

Sam will also unpack a problematic insight from Liz Greene’s book on Pluto. The black man has often been cast as an archetypal symbol of Pluto in western culture. Many individuals internalize the black man into their psyche and dreams as a Plutonian symbol. Does this conflation do justice to either black men or to Pluto?

Join AYA for a perspective on the Pluto return that doesn’t shy away from openly acknowledging the wounds of race, slavery, economic disparities, and our relationship to safety & security with policing. Our vision is to create a safe space and container for a dialogue about the pressing issues of our time, and how to understand America’s Plutonian legacy.  

Find out more about Sam Reynolds – http://unlockastrology.com/


Dinner & Drinks: The Astrology of RuPaul


Dinner and Drinks is back in June welcoming Shawn Nygaard as our guest of honor! Join us on the evening of Thursday, June 27th.

Shawn is passionate about exploring RuPaul’s natal chart. As we mark the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, it’s a fascinating look at a queer person who blazed their own path. RuPaul has a natal Saturn in Capricorn and uniquely embodies the Senex and Puer dichotomy. It’s a whole different way to rock Saturn.

Join AYA for a light-hearted (and serious) conversation about RuPaul, Drag, queerness, and the role of creativity in breathing life into planetary energies.

Find out more about Shawn – https://www.imagineastrology.com/about-shawn

Access the meeting on June 27th at this link https://zoom.us/j/961299102

Astrology As Self-Care: Dinner and Drinks with Stacia Secreriat

Dinner and Drinks is back in May welcoming Stacia Secreriat as our Dinner and Drinks guest of honor!

Stacia is passionate about using the natal chart to optimize self-care, cultivate compassion towards the self, and balance planetary energies in the chart.

Knowing ourselves well, and understanding our own motivations and needs leads us to be able to tend to those needs in a deeper way than we could without astrology. This is the crux of Stacia’s client work, helping people care for themselves using their own unique placements.

She’s joining us May 30, 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific to share her wisdom and answer your questions.

From Stacia’s website, Moon Deep Astrology:

“Just like a doctor can look at a patient’s vital chart and make a diagnosis to find appropriate cures, so can astrologers look to a natal chart to find signatures of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments and their remedies. A medical vital chart is exactly what the name implies: a record of a patient’s vitals; their literal patterns of life through heartbeat, breath, and the body.

Astrology uses a natal chart to find the energetic patterns in your personality and earthly vehicle. Understanding your chart can not only help you understand these “vitals” better, but also help you realize your highest potential. Astrology can help us feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. We can use it to be more productive, be more relaxed, treat inflammation in the body, heal emotional trauma, or literally any thing that might “ail” us. Understanding our astrological tendencies can be a great place to start looking for treatment or acceptance of our current issues.”

Find out more about Stacia at https://moondeepastrology.com/

Join us online at https://zoom.us/j/131989276 on Thursday, May 30th at:

4pm – Hawaii – Hawaii Standard Time
6pm– Los Angeles – Pacific Standard Time
7pm – Denver – Mountain Standard Time
8pm – Chicago – Central Standard time
9pm – New York / Toronto – Eastern Standard Time
10pm – Halifax / Charlottetown – Atlantic Standard Time
10:30pm – Newfoundland – Newfoundland Standard Time


Friday, May 31st at:

Midnight – Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo – Brazil Summer Time
2am – London / Greenwich Mean Time
3am – Paris / Berlin / Rome / Barcelona – Central European Time
4am – South Africa – South Africa Standard Time
5am – Moscow – Moscow Standard Time
7:30am – India – India Standard Time
10am – China – China Standard Time
11am – Japan – Japan Standard Time
11am – Korea – Korea Standard Time

1pm – Sydney / Melbourne – Australian Eastern Daylight Time
3pm – Auckland – New Zealand Daylight Time