Lunar Mansions Q&A – Elodie St Onge Aubut and Chris Reppucci

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Join the Association for Young Astrologers for our monthly zoom event: Dinner and Drinks!  We encourage you to bring grub, pour out a beverage, sit at your computer or with your smartphone, and join us for a casual, Q&A based event inspired by after hours gatherings at astrology conferences.

This month’s special guests are Elodie St-Onge-Aubut and Chris Reppucci. They will share their ideas about how the lunar mansions might be incorporated into astrological practice.

The moon moves through the 28 lunar mansions in the sky every month. Depending upon which mansion the moon resides in on a given day, there are particular moods, symbols, archetypes and layers of meaning to be considered in natal interpretation as well as astrological magic.

About Elodie:

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This event is free, online, and open to everyone. Join us Thursday, April 30, 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT.

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This event will be recorded if you can’t make it to the live session. Recordings are available to all members of the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA). Membership is $20 per year, and astrologers of all ages and study levels are welcome to join! Membership also gives access to a library of previous Dinner and Drinks recordings, lectures donated by pro astrologers, and other perks. To learn more about the many benefits of AYA membership, check out our Member Benefits page! Not a member yet? Join here!