Seminar Under the Stars with Mo Olufemi: Triplicity, A Crash Course

AYA Official

The Association for Young Astrologers is so excited to welcome Mo Olufemi (@australtaur) to offer us a comprehensive overview of astrological triplicity. While most of the focus later in the Western Astrological traditions has centered on looking at placements in their domicile, exaltation, fall, and detriment; there 3 other tiers of essential dignity that can add nuance to the expression of a planet and the consequences it has for the topics it rules. In this workshop, we will explore triplicity as a concept and its wide ranging uses in astrology! This is an abbreviated version of talks Mo has previously given on the subject.

Seminar Under the Stars is a continuation of AYA’s long-running lecture series, Dinner & Drinks. We’ll be delivering the same stellar talks and astrological wisdom across disciplines and traditions while extending a more welcoming hand to all who may be interested.

This event is free and open to the public. We will gather on September 22, 2022 for a live lecture and Q&A. In addition, AYA members will have lifetime access to the recording of this talk along with prior Dinner & Drinks lectures.

Join us here on Zoom: