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Welcome to the Job Board – Skills Offered Listings!

The following listings are from young astrologers and students with skills to offer professionals in the community. If you see someone with the skills you need, reach out using the email address in the Listing. Make sure you review the Job Board Terms and Conditions!

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Skills Offered Listings

Kali Fillhart

instagram: @thekaliope

Project management
Administrative tasks
Instagram management
Facebook management
Ghost writing

About: I am an activist, creative, and enthusiastic self educator. I’m an advocate for self care, communal healing, social justice. I have dreams of pursuing a writing career, as well as being a social worker, local politician, public speaker, and beekeeper. I’m an avid podcast listener and reader. I have experience in organizing, managing, facilitating, and editing.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”- Howard Thurman

Experience: Raleigh’s Women’s March Volunteer Coordinator, NC State Diversity peer educator, extensive leadership education, Women’s center organizing and analysis volunteer, NC State literary editor for literary magazine, NC State Student Wellness Coach.

This collaborator is open to remote work, travelling for a project, and/or work local to Raleigh, NC.

Availability: 10 hours a month

CatAshleigh Mead


I’ve always had a knack for writing, spelling, and remembering the rules of grammar, and for the last 20+ years I’ve been supporting people I worked with (and for) with those skills. I am very fast, accurate, and have a good ear for how language sounds and a good eye for the overall layout and organization of text. I expect my Virgo Sun and Libra Mercury have things to say about this.

I especially love line and copyediting – fine-tuning words and sentences is a real pleasure! – and think of it as akin to pruning and shaping bonsai to ensure the best form of the tree can be revealed.


I’ve drafted, edited, formatted and/or done layout for all kinds of professional correspondence, including letters, reports of many shapes and sizes, presentation slides, proposals for work, and a couple of book manuscripts. I’ve also had the chance to redesign a company’s electronic newsletter to improve legibility and adherence to company colors and then edit and write the content for that newsletter. One of my favorite long-running projects has been doing layout work for the Native Plant Society of Oregon, first working on the monthly newsletter and more recently on the official journal, Kalmiopsis.

Project Examples:

Example #1: Kalmiopsis Vol. 22

Worked very closely with the editor to insert and organize text and photos. I first had to reconstruct a template as the old one had been lost.

Example #2: Newsletter Article

Article I wrote in the newsletter I redesigned for Moonfire and Sun Garden Center.

This collaborator is open to remote work, travelling for a project, and/or work local to Bend, Oregon.

Availability: variable

Ashlee Stewack


I am an academically trained Graphic Designer and Art Director with a Bachelors from Columbia College Chicago and a traditionally trained sign painter (pre-computer/printer advertising) having apprenticed with a local Chicago sign painting legend. I have been a self-employed artist serving large and small businesses since 2015.

As an astrologer, I have been an avid student since 2012 and launched my business in 2018. I would love to be a resource for other Astrologers as well as continue my education and refinement of the craft.


Alongside my design background, I am an innovations fellow for StartingBloc, creating transformational design that promotes equality and sustainability. 

I have worked on campaigns for legislative initiatives advocating for black and indigenous lives. I’ve worked with clients such as O’hare International Airport on full campaign and marketing strategy. Sign painting and design for companies like Nike, Intelligentsia, Starbucks and more. As an independent consultant I have worked on brand development, information graphics and organizational design as well as environmental branding and signage, murals, merchandise design, media marketing and more. I have had the privilege to work on a variety of different projects and feel comfortable working with others at any stage of their business. In developing, strategizing and designing brands messages, outreach and impact – or more internal communication documents for the nurturing and sustainability of their foundations.

Project Examples:

Example #1:

This is my business in which I focus on Astrology and the Mystic Arts. Everything from the writing, the design, all photography and artwork used was created by myself unless stated otherwise. From the logo and brand development, the voice of the brand and podcast as a vehicle, all were concepted, created and edited by myself.

Example #2: Marketing Campaign Standards Guide

Alongside brand development and creative strategy, I can also offer more refined technical displays of information. This document is a “standards guide” what was used to teach the marketing team at O’hare International Airport how to use a marketing campaign I worked on and roll out their own versions in the future to keep this system ongoing. I am comfortable doing informative sheets as well as more high level big picture creatives.

Example #3: Logo & Brand Identity for Mom’s Chicago

Mom’s Chicago has become a popular Japanese comfort food restaurant since launching just a year ago in May 2019. I had the pleasure of working with them on a full brand launch including logo and identity development, food photography, signage, merchandise and more.

Example #4: Hand Lettering

I am a big fan of all things hand lettered. I am a skilled letterer and designer meaning I can create hand lettered pieces and turn them into graphics for products, websites, social media posts and more. Here are a few examples of pieces I have done. Most of these have been used for merchandise design.

Example #5: Illustration

Something I love to incorporate where possible is illustration. I would love more opportunity to illustration for books, posts, merch and more. It is one of my dreams to help illustrate a tarot deck! You can find some of my illustration work on my personal instagram.

This collaborator is open to remote work, travelling for a project, and/or work local to Chicago, IL.

Availability: 15 hours a month