Open Applications to Speak at Dinner & Drinks

AYA Official

As AYA strives to decentralize the power structures in the organization, we decided it’s time to change how we select speakers for our monthly Dinner & Drinks event.

In the past, guests were handpicked by the AYA board and invited to present. While this method has resulted in an amazing lineup of past D&D’s (which AYA members can rewatch here), it limits prospective speakers to only the people who are in our board members’ network circles.

For this reason, we would like to announce our shift to an open submission process for D&D speakers. Starting in April 2021 and moving forward, anyone who is interested will be able to apply to be a featured Dinner & Drinks guest. The community is also invited to nominate astrologers who they would like to see speak at the event.

Featured speakers choose the topic(s) they’d like to discuss during Dinner & Drinks and will receive an honorarium for their time.  There are no prerequisites to submit an application. First-time and/or international speakers are highly encouraged to apply!

As it stands, the AYA board will still be responsible for selecting the speaker from the pool of submissions. However, we are brainstorming ways to continue to open this process and allow our membership base to have a more proactive role in speaker selection in the future.

Submissions are open now! If you’re interested in presenting or nominating, fill out the application HERE!