May 2023 Horoscopes by Fionn Cleary

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Here are your rising sign horoscopes for the month of May! 

This month there is a major emphasis on the fixed signs, particularly the Scorpio/Taurus axis. We have just blasted out of eclipse season. This month kicked off with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th, bringing with it some major culminations and transformations. We get to enjoy some steady growth and lushness with Jupiter entering Taurus on May 16th, and then we plant new seeds in fertile fields with the Taurus new moon on May 19th. Although, a new Moon in the third decan of Taurus could indicate planning ahead for new beginnings with the knowledge that we may need a backup plan and a rainy day fund. 


Following the eclipse in your eighth house, there may have been a major process of disentangling from what binds you to others. As you release what you owe to others, Jupiter enters your second house to help turn what resources you already have into more. 


The month kicks off with a push to do some major work within your close relationships. As you take a breather after your final seventh house eclipse, Jupiter enters your first house to big you up like a hypeman and help you renew a fresh sense of hope and possibility. This begins a period of personal growth, learning and getting closer to your goals. 


As the month begins, you may be prompted to do some problem-solving around your physical well-being and work-life balance. As Jupiter enters your 12th house, you may begin a process of deep introspection in which you unearth hidden talents and nuggets of wisdom. 


The lunar eclipse may have facilitated a breakthrough in your creative passions and romantic life. As Jupiter rejoices in your eleventh house, it is well-equipped to facilitate growth, forging alliances, and the fruition of hopes and dreams. 


The eclipse cycle brought about major changes in your home, family and living situation, and no it is coming to a close. Jupiter enters your house of career, allowing for a boost in profile, or you may earn a reputation for being your showy and sunny lil self! When Mars enters your first house later in the month, you may become particularly driven. 


The lunar eclipse marks a transition away from difficult experiences within your close circle and local community. As Jupiter enters your 9th, you can broaden your outlook and worldview. The myriad of possibilities the world has to offer opens up to you, offering new perspectives and plans for learning and growth. 


The eclipse may bring some major changes to how you earn your living and manage your resources. Jupiter in your eighth house can bring forth opportunities from the commitments you made during the first half of the year. Your committed relationships could enter a further level of intimacy or material involvement. 


This eclipse hits you right in your first house! Eclipses in the first can feel akin to a snake shedding its skin – letting go of an old identity and beginning to live in a manner that’s authentic. Jupiter meets you in your 7th house, bringing you in contact with wise folks, teachers and generous partners. Jupiter may bring balance, agreement and good will to your committed relationships. 


The eclipse in your 12th house of isolation and hidden places brings a revelation in the dark – finding wisdom and deep resilience in difficult circumstances. Jupiter in Taurus brings support to your health and work and has the potential to offer supports and experts that can support your well-being. 


Momentum is building within your social scenes after some major changes in your house of wider communities. Jupiter enters your fifth house, offering you some opportunities to flourish creatively and build up routines to sustain your creative force. It also brings opportunities for making romance a more lush and expansive area of your life. 


The Scorpio eclipse may have brought major developments and momentous occasions in your career or public life. This may have been taxing for you and those close to you, so it’s good news that Jupiter enters your fourth house to bring some balance and expansion within the home. 


This eclipse may have brought a deep questioning around where you want to go in life and where in the world you like to place yourself. With Jupiter in your third house, you may be researching and planning for the foundations you want to set for the next phase of your life. This is a great time to question what you want your day-to-day life to look like. 


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