Dinner & Drinks with Christopher Warnock: Fixed Stars and Magic

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September 9


01:00 pm - 02:30 pm

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Dinner and Drinks

Join the Association for Young Astrologers for a lecture and Q and A dialogue with Christopher Warnock. Christopher has been an astrological magician since 1998 and his works on celestial magic are well known to the astrology community. This discussion will focus specifically on the fixed stars and their use in astrological magic. More about Christopher: https://www.renaissanceastrology.com/biography.html

The fixed stars were very important to ancient astrologers and philosophers. We’ll be delving into their histories, their natures, and how we can better understand them in order to divine their magical properties.

This event will be in two parts: lecture and Q & A. As always, we try to accommodate all our friends and members, regardless of the timezone they live in.

This event is free, online, conversational, and open to everyone. Sit at your computer with breakfast, lunch, dinner, a drink or tea, or whatever suits your fancy from your place on the globe!

Join us online on Saturday, September 22nd at

10am – Los Angeles – Pacific Daylight time
11am – Denver – Mountain Daylight Time
Noon – Chicago – Central Daylight Time
1pm – New York / Toronto – Eastern Daylight Time
2pm – Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo – Brazil Time
2:30pm – Newfoundland – Newfoundland Daylight Time

6pm – London – British Summer Time
7pm – Paris / Berlin – Central European Summer Time
7pm – Johannesburg – South Africa Standard Time
8pm – Moscow – Moscow Standard Time

10:30pm – New Delhi – India Standard Time
1am – Shanghai – China Standard Time
3am – Sydney – Australian Eastern Standard Time

MEETING LINK: coming soon!


Due to a recent trolling incident in August, we are making some small adjustments to our meeting format to prevent future attacks, protect our astrological community, and keep this online meeting safe.

1. Participants will be muted upon entry, and unable to manually unmute themselves. Participants can use the chat box in zoom to ask the speaker a question at any time, just like in all our past events. If the speaker wishes to engage a participant vocally, the AYA team will manually unmute them so they can speak instead of just using the chat box.

2. Participants won’t be able to share their screens, but can still appear on webcams. If participant screen sharing becomes necessary at some point, the AYA team will manually enable participant screen sharing.

3. We request that participants use their real names (at least first name, but preferably both and last) when entering the Zoom meeting. Trolls often use strange nicknames to mask their identity, so seeing names the AYA team recognizes makes it easier to ban spammers and protect our legitimate participants.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!