Dinner and Drinks with Leisa Schaim: Zodiacal Releasing Q&A

AYA Official

Dinner and Drinks is back in December welcoming Leisa Schaim as our guest of honor! Join us on the evening of Thursday, December 19th. 

Leisa will be speaking about using the timing technique of zodiacal releasing in an astrological consulting practice. This conversation assumes knowledge of the basic idea of zodiacal releasing, which is an ancient timing technique documented by the Hellenistic astrologer Vettius Valens (120 – 175), although everyone is welcome to listen even if the topic is new to you. The English translation of his manuscript has only become widely available in the past few decades, generating significant interest around how to apply it in modern times.  

If you wish to brush up on Zodiacal Releasing before this casual Q & A session, feel free to check out one or both of these resources:

Numerous astrological software programs, both paid and free, can now generate reports that utilize Valens’ techniques to divide life into different chapters or segments. Leisa has been observing the correlations corresponding with this timing technique in people’s charts for over a decade. She will share her insights and answer questions about interpreting these shifts in your own charts as well as in client charts. 

Join AYA for an exciting conversation about the cutting edge of resurrecting ancient astrological techniques for the 21st century.   

Find out more about Leisa Schaim – http://leisaschaim.com/

CLICK HERE for the Zoom meeting link.