Dinner and Drinks with Cassandra Tyndall: Aversion

Jo Gleason

Join AYA for an online conversation with Cassandra Tyndall about the concept of aversion in ancient astrology, and how it can illuminate today’s work with horoscopes.

In Hellenistic astrology, luminaries and planets cast ‘rays of light’, which enabled them to see certain houses and the planets occupying them. Sight was a crucial metaphor for the ancient understanding of the sextile, square, trine and opposition. But some houses could not be seen. What happens when the Lord of a house cannot see the sign it rules? Aversion illuminates the blind spots in a birth chart. Join us for a dialogue about how metaphors of vision and aversion can reveal connections between the house topics in the birth chart. Add this valuable tool to your delineation kit!

Click here to join the Zoom meeting on February 7: https://zoom.us/j/871157438

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