AYA Reads Agrippa: Three Books of Occult Philosophy

AYA Official

Join AYA in an online reading group to discuss planetary magic as taught by Cornelius Agrippa, famed western occultist and author of Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Across three Saturdays we’ll look at several chapters in Three Books of Occult Philosophy that teach the fundamentals of planetary magic. These chapters will cover the basic requirements for completing a planetary ritual and beginning a personal relationship with each planetary spirit.

The reading group conversations will be free and open to the entire astrological community. Below you will find the dates for each reading group, the recommended translation, and the chapters we’re planning to discuss.

Reading Group Meeting Dates

Saturday, October 6th 1pm – 3pm EST
Saturday October 27th 1pm – 3pm EST
Saturday, November 10th 1pm – 3pm EST

First Reading Session – Saturday, October 6th 1pm – 3pm

The first reading will cover:

  • Timing for planetary rituals
  • Images associated with the planets


Second Reading Session – Saturday October 27th 1pm – 3pm

The second reading will cover:

  • Materials associated with each planet (example: copper for Venus)
  • What each planet can be petitioned for (example: Sun for eminence, Mars for bravery)


Third Reading Session – Saturday, November 10th 1pm – 3pm

The third reading will cover:

  • Names of planetary spirits
  • Numbers associated with planets
  • Fumigations used for each planet
  • Colors of the planets
  • The power of mind over matter