AYA’s 2021 Transition of Power

AYA Official
a yellow image with an orange-toned portrait of Jo Gleason. She is a white woman looking over her shoulder at the camera. there is a bright sun behind her.

As of December 2020, Jo Gleason stepped down from her role as the Interim President, as planned, and Samira Bechara has taken on the role of President in full.

We are so grateful for Jo’s four years of service with AYA, starting as the Social Media Manager, and stepping up to become the Vice President and acting as president over the past six months. We wish her the best in all of her future endeavors, and are looking forward to continuing to share this community with her!

Samira Bechara is a Lebanese-American astrologer, wine professional, and fundraising organizer based in New Orleans, LA. An early skeptic, she came into astrology in her early twenties, and after once having her chart read she immediately began her studies in earnest. She has studied with Kepler College, Erin Sullivan, the Faculty of Astrological Studies and more, and has attended and volunteered at conferences such as NORWAC, UAC, and NCGR. She was a presenter at QAC 2018 NYC, and teaches through TogetherWExpand as well as independently. She leans Archetypal, and has recently begun delving into the ancient practices of Mundane and Horary astrology. She is excited to help usher in a new paradigm of astrology and support the coming generation of astrological practitioners by serving with AYA!

Follow her on Twitter at @de_les_etoiles and find out more about her on her website here!