2024 Open Call for Board Members

AYA Official

The Association for Young Astrologers is excited to announce that the call for board members is once again open! If you’ve been wanting to get more involved in the astrological community, now’s your chance to join AYA’s wonderful team of folks.

Our priority is to fill the roles of Vice Chair and Webmaster. Below you’ll find a brief summary of these roles, but be sure to click through to the full listings for a more detailed breakdown of expectations.

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair will work closely with the Chair and other board members to ensure the continuous operation of the organization and the completion of projects. Additionally, the Vice Chair will act as an AYA representative for outfacing endeavors (when necessary).

Our ideal Vice Chair is someone who has… 

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Values that align with AYA’s mission of education and resource-sharing
  • Passion for mentoring and/or providing opportunities to young and emerging astrologers
  • Passion for community-building

Full listing for Vice Chair: https://youngastrologers.org/open-call-for-vice-chair/?preview=true


The Webmaster is someone who is familiar with various site hosting platforms- especially WordPress- and can offer guidance as the organization potentially considers migrating to a new hosting site. The Webmaster will also assist AYA members in troubleshooting issues that arise with their accounts and/or website access.

Our ideal Webmaster is someone who has 

  • Knowledge and experience in web design and UX
  • Prioritizes the intersections of design, UX, and accessibility
  • Experience with branding for nonprofits is a plus
  • Creative approaches to problem-solving
  • Excitement to contribute to various projects outside of web management

Full listing for Webmaster: https://youngastrologers.org/open-call-for-webmaster/

Other Board Roles

While our priority is to fill the above roles, we know there are so many skilled and passionate young astrologers out there! Calls for other board positions will be announced in the near future, so we invite you to stay tuned and see if you may be a better fit for a different role.