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February 20, 2013
Demetra George, Gary Caton, Austin Coppock, Benjamin Dykes and Chris Brennan have generously donated a number of lectures and new learning materials to the AYA coffers.

…Like Donation

Great news!  Several generous astrologers have recently donated lectures and other educational materials to the AYA!  Here’s what we’ve got for our members:

Demetra George’s “Hermes: Guardian of Thresholds.”  Demetra engages Mercury from both mythic and cyclical perspectives, taking us through the planet’s phases and their meanings in a way that is directly applicable to the birth chart.

Gary Caton offers the perfect complement to Demetra’s talk with his “Hermetic Sampler.”  Within is a wealth of written, audio and visual material on the astronomy and mythology of the swift planet’s elusive cycles.

Austin Coppock, the AYA’s current president, offers an audiovisual presentation: “The (Re)Birth Canal: Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio,” which deals with the history of Saturn’s time in Scorpio, as well as the old reaper’s conjunctions with the North Node.

Dr. Benjamin Dykes has been kind enough to donate a trinity of lectures on the foundations of Traditional Astrology, his specialty.  Members have access to his Introduction to Traditional Astrology, Freedom, Ethics, Metaphysics: Philosophical Issues in Astrology and Solar Revolutions lectures gratis.

Chris Brennan, a former president of the AYA, has gifted current members with a unique opportunity, as well.  He’s giving away free tuition to his extensive course, Introduction to Electional Astrology, to one lucky recipient.  Members, let us know if you’d like us to stick your name in the hat.  We’ll draw straws and announce the winner on March 17th- Mercury’s direct station.

All of this- well over a hundred dollars worth of material, is totally free for AYA members.  If you’re not a member of the AYA, now’s a good time to start- it’s only $20 a year.  And remember, it’s the Association FOR Young Astrologers- we welcome members of ages.   Sign up now!

Members, just send us a send us an email at requesting any or all of the listed goodies, and tell us whether you’d like to throw your name in the hat for Chris Brennan’s class on Electional Astrology.  We’ll get back to you with the digital goods shortly.

If you’re a professional astrologer who’d like to donate to the AYA, let us know!  Contact us at

Mars In The House of Death

If you weren’t already aware, the AYA will be present in full force at the NCGR’s 2013 Conference: Everything Under The Sun.  If you’re on your way to Philly this August, sign up for the AYA pre-conference workshop, which features talks by not one but four excellent speakers.

One of them, Dr. Jenn Zahrt, has recently graced the AYA Blog with a short piece on her specialty- the oft-neglected history of early 20th modern astrology.  Did you know the Elsbeth Ebertin, the eminent German astrologer, wrote a novel called, “Mars in the House of Death?”   Follow this link for an intriguing taste of astrology and culture’s intersection in early 20th century Europe.

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-The AYA

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