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    TransNeps Where are They Now? (2014-2015)

    Cupido: 23-25 Sagittarius

    Hades: 2-4 Cancer

    Zeus: 16-18 Libra

    Kronos: 7-9 Cancer

    Apollon: 0-1 Scorpio

    Admetos: 27-28 Taurus

    Vulcanus: 28-29 Cancer

    Poseidon: 11-12 Scorpio

    • Interesting! It looks like I have Vulcanus conjoining my AC (29 Can) and Jupiter (30 Can). That sounds important, but having virtually no knowledge of the Uranian bodies, I can’t say that I know exactly what that means. Would anyone with greater knowledge of the subject material be so kind as to grace me with a quick delineation?

      • Paging @Kate-Petty.

        • Environment of forceful or perhaps even violent people looking to assert their superiority in public.This might is through money or finances, success through force of power. Much confidence and optimism which instills trust. Orb should be very tight, no more than 1º. Vulcanus advances 0°32′ per year.

        • It will make its first hit in Oct (for you) @Austin-Coppock . Right now it’s transiting your Mars Neptune mp.

          per Brummund Rulebook:

          + optimistic. trusting. confident. influential. unbiased. strong-willed. energetic. capable of great accomplishments. outgoing and eager for contact. active. productive. strong. powerful. fights for justice. athletic.
          Great luck due to the partner. To initiate an agreeable partnership. Successful work team. To succumb to a favorable influence. Major gains due to the environment. To be privileged. Successful political power. To deal with others’ increase of strength or influence. Power or strength due to a beneficial environment. Shared financial activities. Good luck due to athletics. Legal measures at the location.
          – arbitrary. arrogant. overbearing. conceited. forceful.


          As + Ju – Vu
          Luck through mighty enterprises, or through enterprising and jolly people.

          • Very appropriate. I’m really uncomfortable with the Trans-Neps, but its very difficult to ignore the accuracy of even a cookbook delineation.

            This may sound like a strange, and god forbid, insulting, question- but how do you justify using the Trans-Neps, given that there is currently no evidence that they exist. I only ask because it’s a serious sticking point for me, and probably not just me. @Maria-Wander? @Kate-Petty?

            • Justify using them? I experiment, test, and observe them.
              There are many factors in astrology that we don’t see, and many others we use and can’t explain how or why they work. This feels similar, somewhat connected to that.. I’d recommend looking into Alfred Witte – his biography, depth of knowledge, and how he came up with the TNPs, if you’re really interested. That may be helpful.

              Also, some astrologers place supreme importance on a ‘planet’ like Pluto that is very rarely anywhere close to the ecliptic. We look at its projected zodiacal degree, like is done probably too frequently with fixed stars, and disregard that ‘visibly’ it’s not there. And many people don’t use parans, which are visibly (mundanely) accurate and work.

            • TNPs were determined by Witte, another four by Sieggrun, with the first Ephemeris for a TNP published over 90 years ago.

              It’s notable that some apprehensive of TNPs use other Uranian calculated factors not locatable via Hubble like Antiscion and Midpoints. Some of our best astrologers – proponents of Uranian/Cosmobiology – tested out TNPs and other Hamburg School concepts for themselves to best form documented opinions: Emerson, Jayne, Nieggeman, Svehla, Christen, Hand, Meridian/Sarubbi; also Epstein, Kramer, McInerney, Catoni, Brummund.

              My recommendation to the skeptical Edmund
              Halley’s out there is to work with these factors. Try out Solar Arc Directions to TNPs in the natal chart. Report back here. Let’s talk about what you discover.

      • @kate-petty and @maria-wander – Thank you for your thoughtful responses. It seems the answer is the same answer I give to skeptics of astrology- test it and see if and how it works. I can accept that!

        Is there a list of essential texts a person that would aid a more thorough investigation?

        • Texts to be found in the Uranian Library:
          The Language of Uranian Astrology – Roger A. Jacobson
          Rules For Planetary Pictures – Witte-Lefeldt
          Combinations of Stellar Influences – Reinhold Ebertin
          Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School – Ruth Brummund & Udo Rudolph
          Uranian Astrology Manual – Penelope Bertucelli
          Dial Detective – Maria Kay Simms

          A handy ephemeris if you chose to work with the TNPs:
          Uranian Transneptune Ephemeris, 1850-2050 – Neil F. Michelsen, ASC Publicatios