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      Most of my horary questions are related to business, since I’m a business and economic astrologer. However, I get a fair number of personal horary questions about whether to buy a house or property. One time, a regular client of mine asked whether to buy a particular home. It was the beginning of Mercury retrograde, so I wasn’t hopeful that the answer would be yes. Sure enough the answer was no (no connection between her and the sellers). She continued to find new places and asked me about three other properties during Mercury retrograde. Each time the answer was no. (No connection each time.) It was interesting though that each property had a feature that she really liked. Finally when Mercury retrograde was over, she asked a 5th horary question about another home. This time the answer was yes. It turned out that this property had 95% of the features that she learned she wanted during the Mercury retrograde period. So her research paid off and she got the right house through horary.

      In a different case, a woman called and wanted to know if she should buy a house down the street from her. I told her it looked good, but the house appeared to have a water problem (challenging Neptune aspect, as I recall). She decided against that house and a week or so later, she called about a 2nd house on the same street as hers. Should she buy it? The chart looked good, but again, it appeared to have a water problem. Finally she called a 3rd time and asked if she should remodel their house and make it bigger. This also looked good, but yet again, there appeared to be a water problem. This was just too odd that all of them had a water problem, so she decided to investigate. It turned out that ALL the houses on that street had a water line that needed to be replaced. It was on a hillside and leaking.

      Horary has so many great applications. I also do a lot of electional charts (timing) and now when someone calls about a timing for some big investment or property, I first steer them to the horary question.