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    • Hello Everyone! So happy to be here 🙂 I have been wanting to join for a while and just got a chance to sit down and do it! My name is brittany and I am from ohio! I found astrology a few years ago when I was feeling super lost and it honestly changed my life. I am now using it in conjunction with my life coaching to help people live their best life, according to their birth chart! I do practice evolutionary astrology, but am so eager to hear what everyone practices here! I just got engaged on Christmas, and would LOVE to find someone who does electional astrology… feel free to send some recommendations 😉

      • Hi @britt-cochran! So happy you have joined us! Super excited to have you here! I’d love to hear how you got introduced to Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology was my gateway into astrology too. I was literally ‘eclipsed’ intro astrology, hehe. Congratulations on your engagement! That is so sweet to have it done on Christmas. It will surely make holidays even more special! I’d be curious to look at your engagement chart. The abundance of water and earth planets in that chart is just splendid! Anyway, I am super excited to welcome you here. Feel free to explore the forums and share your thought on any topic you that strikes your fancies!