• July 10, 2014 at 8:39 am

    If you have an interesting horary chart you’ve interpreted, why not share the story with everyone else?  It can be an uplifting story about how the chart assisted a querent, a clear demonstration of a technique, or just “pat yourself on the back” moment for arriving at a correct answer!  Or perhaps all three!

    I think I will go first!


    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="612"] Will We Reconcile, Will I Travel? 3/22/2014, Little Rock, AR, 2:04AM[/caption]

    This querent had recently reconnected with an ex and things were going great, but then suddenly they had this big argument and they brought up a lot of apparently unresolved issues.  Some things were said that should have been left in the past and everyone left the conversation with hurt feelings.  It had been a couple of days and the querent had not heard from him in a couple of days.  To make things worse, this is a long distance relationship and they had plans to spend a long weekend together.  The querent had already purchased her plane tickets and had no idea if she would end up using them because of this argument!

    The argument happened on a Wednesday, the question asked on a Friday, and her plane leaves the next Saturday, so what’s going to happen?

    Another factor to consider is just a general “what’s up?” concerning the situation.  The querent described her boyfriend’s demeanor in the days leading up to the argument has easily agitated and sensitive as if something was keeping him stressed and on edge.  Concerned it may be some sort of infidelity (the reason they broke up initially), she wanted some insight into that as well.


    Our querent in this chart is signified by Jupiter in Cancer in the Seventh house, Jupiter is strong in his sign of exaltation, but out of sect, so it’s likely that Jupiter isn’t being completely honest about their intentions.  The boyfriend in this chart is signified by Mercury in Pisces on the cusp of the Third house.  Mercury is very debilitated here, but since Mercury is the lighter planet, he’s the one to scrutinize in order to see what’s going to happen with the relationship.

    Since Mercury is faster, it shows he is the party more likely to want to develop the relationship into something, but we have to determine what that is.  Mercury’s next aspect is a Trine to Jupiter who will receive Mercury into his domicile of Pisces.  This shows the boyfriend reaching out to the querent, and the querent accepting the message positively and the reconciliation beginning.  This is important because Mercury not only rules the Seventh house of the boyfriend, but also rules the Ninth house of travel, showing the two things are linked, but will come back to our querent.

    While not necessarily playing a part in the judgment, Mars sits at the top of the chart, in his sign of detriment and retrograde, which is a pretty fitting description of a situation regarding arguments about the past.  The Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to Venus in Aquarius, which is another argument of a positive development as Venus’s nature is reconcile and unify.

    The Moon sits in the Twelfth house, and this is because the querent was more concerned about what may have sparked the argument or her boyfriend’s bad mood that day.  Particularly if it were something about another woman he may have been seeing.  However, seeing Jupiter in the Seventh with no other planets present, and no planets in the signs of Mercury, this did not seem the case.  The Moon’s last aspect was a Square to Mercury from Mercury’s detriment, with the Moon ruling the Eighth and Mercury’s presence in the Third, it seemed likely that there was some recent issue or confrontation between our queisted and some Third house thing (siblings, neighbors, etc) that had caused his sour mood.

    The applying Trine between Mercury and Jupiter perfected in the early morning of March 26th so the prediction was given that this would be the day he would reach out to her.


    I reached out to the querent on the afternoon of the 26th and she said she had not heard from him yet (an astrologer’s worst nightmare), but she contacted me late at night to say that he finally did, asking if she was still coming.  This, of course, led to them talking more and he explained that he was struggling with his younger brother who he was trying to get into a rehabilitation program.


    Very interested in championing the success stories of others!  Let’s share!

  • March 4, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    Cool thanks for sharing! I find the fact that Mercury has just separated from the antiscion of Mars to be spot on concerning the argument! Mars is also the natural ruler of brothers, and he is retrograde and conjoined to the North Node which enhances Mars generally (in Jyotish Rahu is considered a malefic and tends to weaken the planets it is conjoined). This is a pretty good illustration of the brother to me based on what you said. Also the Sun rules the 3rd sign from the Desc and is himself in Mars’ sign, but Mercury ruling the turned 3rd in this house system is also quite significant as it brings the quesited in direct connection with his sibling, another repetition of the Mars/Mercury antisica conjunction. Great Analysis!