• September 3, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    This is kind of a broad topic, but one worth discussing…what general indicators do you look at regarding general life path?  If someone wanted to know if they are “on the right track,” where would you look?

    For me, it’d be:

    – Final dispositors and dispositor houses.

    – The nodal axis.

    – The four cardinal angles and their rulers, particularly the AC and MC.

    – The Sun and Moon.

  • September 9, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Hi Nick,

    I think that at any given time, someone’s “life path” or their need to feel “on the right track” is determined by outer planet transits (or any other timing techniques that you may use).  Life path is a long winding journey, for most.  It is something that takes – life to complete.    Looking at what is happening now and in the near future in the context of longer range major alignments is their life path at this time.    Talking about the natal chart without considering what is up for them at this time may be irrelevant information, at this time.  I tend to work the other way around.  See what is going on and then see what is ‘up’ in the natal for action.  That’s their life path at this time.

    You’ve mentioned dispositors.  I think these are interesting for how the person figures things out and makes decisions in life, but that’s not necessarily their life path.  It’s just their modus operatum.  The nodal axis is interesting, but not in isolation.   The angles relate to the function of the angles, but again there may be nothing up with those points at this moment in time.  However, if the ruler of those angles is under transits, then they will be really relevant right now.  The Sun and Moon – someone’s Mars may be more important than the lights if say it’s in Capricorn, in the 10th, receiving a transit from Pluto.    This would certainly be a big player in the person’s desire to feel like they were ‘on the right track’.  I’d be talking about that as the number one priority.


  • September 10, 2015 at 7:58 am

    Well, I guess transits to those points in the chart should have been included in my original statement, and I certainly do agree. Outer planet transits are particularly important for this. However, don’t you think it’s laid out in the natal promise to a large degree? I have to think you can tell a lot about a person’s life journey without transits at all, especially with prognostic techniques like time lords and solar arcs.

  • September 10, 2015 at 9:16 am

    I personally believe any individual’s life-long (at least) evolutionary journey is depicted in the Natal chart. I don’t subscribe to the belief that we can “outgrow” our own natal chart at any given point; The Natal Chart is an eternal moment “encapsulated” by us so to speak. Our own “life path” is inherently within and reflects the “journey” depicted at the moment of our birth. Transits I think can certainly be useful in knowing ‘what’s going on’ in that regard, but moreso what part is being focused upon, evolved, matured, expressed, etc. at any given time. Without the “whole-picture” being seen first in the Natal Chart transits will only provide part of the story. Obviously a real transit reading requires matching those transits up with the natal chart itself anyways.

    There are some specific planets and angles I do look to in regards to the “life path” as an evolutionary astrologer I believe fate is determined by the evolutionary-intentions of our souls (aka what we came to learn). Pluto is a very relevant pointer in that regard (House & Sign) as Pluto represents our deepest unconscious desires, typically one’s we’ve already had in our possession for lifetimes (Thus Pluto is noted for obsessive-compulsive behavior). The House & Sign opposite of Pluto can give us an idea of the energetic polarity we can use to “balance out” these unconscious desires. For example my 5th House Pluto describes lifetimes acquiring a deep and passionate (Pluto) creativity, the House opposite (11th) shows an evolutionary-intention to take that creativity and now give it back to the collective, nation, groups, etc. not simply be an narcissistic emperor. Pluto really gives a sense of the weight & power of the soul that when combined with the Moon’s Nodes provides an overall sense of direction. You always want to look at the ruling planets of the signs of those Moon’s Nodes to further acquire details as far as what within the natal chart is more unconsciously-integrated (past) and what’s there that is being illuminated and revealed more and more throughout time (future). For example, if someone has the Moon’s North Node in Cancer you can look to the Moon in the chart as containing very relevant information as to the “part of themselves they’re getting deeper into” (the subjective/emotional part of themselves… That Moon will have a story of it’s own, house, sign and aspects to other planets.) The Rising sign is another powerful pointer of “soul-intention”, the planetary ruler traditionally being the ruler of the whole chart! (Again find the planetary ruler in the chart and see house/sign/aspect to get a sense of this “intention”)

    Since we’re talking about “life path” and how it might correlate to “past and future” it might also be noteworthy to mention that in fact all of the planets have ‘Nodes’ not just the Moon. The Planetary nodes can actually shed insight on the evolutionary-intention of any given planet. The outer-planetary nodes move very very slowly and depict collective evolutionary intentions that last through generations.  Not many astrologers look at them, but it’s an interesting tool nonetheless!

  • September 17, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    Hi again, Nick.  Yes I do think that life path is in the natal chart.  In some people’s charts it is much more glaringly obvious than others.  I don’t think that there’s a hard and fast rule to determine it.   You have to be aware of the many factors mentioned above and assess which have more importance or weight in each individual chart as a whole.   But still, even given this, how often is the ‘life path’ a direct route, or an interstate highway?   I think that there are life path themes, but the journey is the path.   The journey is happening now, within the context of larger and longer range cycles.   These cycles aren’t Highway 1 to the Life Path.  But they are the path that the person is travelling on.