• November 14, 2016 at 5:27 pm


    Hi Anthony, thanks for the hello. 🙂  Glad to see you here from Peru!  Actually, if you have a Scorpio Ascendant and Pluto in the 1st house then I’m pretty sure you have your share of the Pluto experience. 😉 lol



  • November 14, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    Yes I know what is a Pluto experience 🙂 Pluto and Scorpio are good teachers but they are very severe. I hope we can talk soon about astrology and our astrology experience.

  • November 14, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Hi Johanna,

    Nice to meet new astrologers. Good lucky with your project: Astrolicious!!! 🙂

  • November 14, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Jordan,

    I hope we can talk about astrology and exchange knowledge 🙂

    Greeting, Anthony Jaure

  • November 14, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    Hi Ashley,

    Your are lucky of have a very close to your family to a person who brought you to this world of astrology ans the mystic.

    Greetings from Perú!!!

  • November 15, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks. I do consider myself blessed in that respect. 🙂

    Nice to meet you and welcome!

  • December 1, 2016 at 9:15 am

    Hello All,

    My name is Sarah Lynn, and I’m a professional astrologer in Colorado. I found astrology almost 25 years ago, quite by accident. My high school boyfriend’s mom was an astrologer, and gave me some friendly advice and introduced me to some good authors. A few years latter, I was fortunate enough to meet a master level astrologer, that was willing to take me on as an apprentice. I worked under her for about 2 years, and have been working with clients ever since. I’ve had both formal training and am widely self-taught. If there is anyone out there in the Colorado Springs or Denver area – I would love to connect. We have a growing audience for astrology here, and I’m very interested in trying to find some more like-minded people to start getting a little more organized here.

  • December 1, 2016 at 11:22 am


    Welcome! I don’t know if you know about it or not, but there is a very active astrology meetup group in the Denver area, headed by former AYA board members: http://www.denverastrologygroup.com/

  • December 1, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know they were associated with this group. I’ve been to a couple of their meetings in the past. They were full of great information; but they’re also over an hour away at a time and day that makes the trip closer to 2 hours or more, and as much as I appreciated their information, I found the people running it very unfriendly and uninterested in meeting “outsiders”. This isn’t a complaint, just and observation of the meetings I traveled a very long way to attend. I was kind of hoping to either find a group of people that are a little more open to networking with everyone, or someplace/group that was closer, so I could just enjoy the lecture and not be disappointed that I’m not actually finding a community. Thanks for the suggestion, but if that’s it for our local astrology community, I guess I will keep looking. </span>

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  • December 1, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Hi @Sarah-Cutting!

    That’s so great you have joined us!

    It is always so fascinating for me to hear that some people get introduced to astrology at a pretty young age and they’ve got all that time for studying and practice!
    But it is also inspiring to know that we could also be those Master astrologers one day and we would make someone’s life 10000 more interesting by teaching them astrology, hehe!

    That’s very cool you’ve got to study under a Master Astrologer! Now, I bet you have your own set of astrological “tools”, your go to and that’s something I’m still working on to develop as an amateur astrologer!
    I would be very happy to know your personal opinion on different subjects being discussed here!

    Anyway, welcome to our team!
    I hope you feel connected here among astro-kids like me!


  • January 30, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Hi everyone, I feel like I’ve been searching for a space like this for most of my life. I’m the astro-nut amongst my friends and aside from a few mildly interested acquaintances I feel like this is a language I can only speak with certain people – of whom I know few! Over the years I’ve studied and attended a couple of talks but I’ve found, at least here in Australia, the majority of attendees are one or two generations older and fairly established in their social networks. I feel like Astrology needs a revival of young blood and we need to make sure the wisdom of the older generations is carried forth not just in published work but social connection and sharing.
    About me: I was born in a part of Australia near Byron Bay which is hippy central. I remember being very young when a family friend told me my moon sign after checking her ephemeris. This was before Solar Fire – or perhaps around the time of its inception but I think at this time people were still mostly creating charts from scratch. So I remember being interested from a very young age and always being bookish (and a leo) I started out being fascinated by my own chart. That was my gateway interest. Then I learned about my moon in scorpio and it was very different to my Sun sign so I understood that the sun sign alone is not nearly enough to give an indication of personality…I try to tell this to people who roll their eyes at my interest in Astrology with little success unless I do their chart and show them! Even then I find it hard to convey the complexity, nuance and awesomeness of an individual chart to a person in a digestible way. Which is probably why I never went pro but not ruling it out. So I read, and read…and read. But my Venus in Gemini got bored of looking at my own chart and started the somewhat creepy/awkward process of asking people I knew what time they were born. That one never gets less awkward really haha
    Then in my early 20s I started taking some formal classes and got a lot out of learning via the lens of other peoples’ charts and shared experiences. I attended the FAA Conference here in Melbourne in 2012 and it was amazing, I was buzzing on a little Astro high for days. I was star-struck (pun intended) by seeing people whose works I’ve read and admired, speaking. I won’t name drop but I definitely hope to attend more conferences in future. Sadly in late 2011 I was struck down by a debilitating illness first thought to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then 18 months later confirmed as Lyme Disease. I was 25 so it’s consumed the last 6 years of my life. For chart indications I fell ill/crashed when my progressed moon conjuncted my Pluto in Scorpio in the 6th. This came on the heels of my saturn transit through the 6th. I’m actually treating through a Dr in D.C. as the illness is not recognised in Australia but from an Astro standpoint I sometimes wish I lived in the US because the younger Astrology community seems to be thriving over there moreso than here. Anyway, being sick has limited my ability to get out into the world so I’m super thankful for social media and hope to form some great connections through AYA. I’m also an astrotheme addict…constantly checking charts for celebs. I like to try and guess first. I noticed a lot of tennis players have Mars in Cancer and made me wonder if that’s why they’re so good moving side to side! So that’s me – hit me up for a chat anytime, spare time is something I have plenty of thanks to Lyme and if I end up needing to relocate for treatment for a longer period I would love to connect in person with any people in the D.C. area.
    Zoe xx

  • January 31, 2017 at 9:15 am

    Hello Sweetest Zoe!!
    I’m so Happy you have fond AYA!!!!

    Thank yo very much for such detailed Intro! I love that! It’s like I already know so much about you and we all do, I mean!
    That’s awesome that you are so enthusiastic about Astrology and I’m so Happy we can share the same Passion for it! I’m from Russia myself, originally and I had to relocate to US so I hear what you are saying about the possibilities and, who knows, maybe that time would come and you join us here too!

    I am very sorry to hear about the disease you are experiencing but your attitude towards it is just simply inspiring! And i love how you found all the great ways of finding positive things in it, you truly are a doll face!

    I would be happy to chat with you via messages as well as discussion some questions on the forum here!
    It’s always fun to know what others think about certain concepts and techniques!

    Plus seems like you have a lot of observations on your own after constantly looking at the charts of your friends, family and celebs!
    I love that too! It’s like seeing how the planets work in your own life but in the examples of people around you!

    Anyway, WELCOME to the Family, Zoe!

    Cannot wait to chat with you more!
    Feel free adding AYA on Facebook for more updates on the Planetary Ingresses or some Updates on the Community Events!

    Greetings from the other Hemisphere!


  • December 14, 2017 at 3:38 am

    Hi everyone! I’m Cheryl Anne, from Long Island NY, although I have lived and traveled through most of the USA (and some of Europe) in my so-far 32 years. I first began studying Astrology at age 12, when I got into “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need,” the title of which ended up being wrong, of course. I didn’t dive deep into it at that point but got to familiarize myself with the concepts of the 12 signs and houses and that there were aspects, and left it at that, preferring the more immediate visuals of the Tarot during those early years. I still study and practice Tarot, but have chosen Astrology to be my primary specialty. I also am a Reiki practitioner, and so have focused on healing modalities in general, including crystals and yoga.

    I started getting “really deep” into my study and practice about two years ago, but it had been building up slowly over the course of time. I started my astro.com account well over 10 years ago, when I was still in undergrad (maybe even HS) and when I still used a yahoo email address, and did my best to teach myself. I learned about the existence of the myriad of house systems, aspects, all the dozens of sorts of charts, that there were so many asteroids, something called harmonics, and Uranian astrology, and looked at all of those things even though I didn’t understand them (yet). I have a lot of fire and Pluto in a Grand Cross. I wanted to devour and consume everything I could find.

    Somewhere along the line Steven Forrest’s Book of Neptune meandered through my ever-evolving book collection a while back, and then I got rid of it during a purge a few years ago, thinking that it was over my head then, and if I needed it again, it could come back to me. It was a harbinger of the deep studies to come. Over the past couple of years I continued everything I could find, mostly digitally, despite my intense lifelong love affair with books – there is just so much to find online. I started to become more versed in the elements, and to become very proud that I knew my Sun, Asc, and Moon signs (and not just because I’m a double Leo, no siree… 😉


    Then, about a year and a half-year ago, after going through some really rough experiences where I discovered that my astrology study really was my true solace and desire and goal, I dove even deeper. I began listening to the backlogs of The Astrology Podcast like it was my job. A trusted relative advised me to pursue deeper professional study, I did some research, and I decided to pursue higher education and credentials. I realized that if I was going to gain real functionality and true deeper understanding, that I needed the help and discipline of those who have gone before me. I chose to enroll as a student in the IAA/OCA  (International Academy of Astrology) for a number of reasons – in terms of the curriculum, because I wanted a comprehensive foundation in both classical and modern studies, as my self-education was so scattered and filled with so many skipped steps that I really wanted to go back to the basics. I did not feel aligned with any specific branch, school, or teacher per se  that would have inspired me to seek instruction with a specific person or style. I also wanted the program to be rigorous enough that it would qualify me for or even automatically provide international certification. I spent 8 years in University already, including 2 years as a Graduate Student, and so I feel very comfortable and secure in a more traditional, long-term academy. So far I have been in the IAA for a year and am so in love with my choice, how what I am learning is filling in what I missed on my own and deepening what I was able to teach myself, and I feel so supported by the organization as a whole. I know that the next couple of years will be a lot of work, but as I continue, my knowledge base and ability to apply my skills will continue to grow, and I believe that what I absorbed but could not process before I joined the academy will become more and more illuminated. I look forward to a wide and deep practice and truly hope that I can contribute to the community and to others with what I have learnt and will continue to learn.

    So, much of my work these days is the deep focuses of whatever class it is that I am taking, but in my personal study, I both “cast wide nets” and devour the knowledge shared by the astrologers whose work I take in regularly through podcasts, lectures, and also by reading, expanding, and exploring many different styles, techniques, and ideas – and I also have been working on focusing a little more on my personal extracurricular studies. I just bought Nauman’s Medical Astrology on a whim, my intuition telling me that I will need it for my own personal health research as well as for future practice, and I have been doing a lot of research on dynamics and transits that I have in my chart, or in my transits right now. Pluto and Uranus have been hitting important points and bodies in my chart, so I am experiencing a lot of change and transformation in the way that I approach, well, pretty much everything. Trauma and healing seem to be major factors in my personal natal and recent transit experience, and so I would like to focus on those topics in my work, while also remaining firmly rooted in the ancient knowledge of the classical tradition. I am so impressed with the vast and intricate complexity of our Western astrology tradition, but I am also very drawn to the modern approaches of soul evolution and personal psychological understanding. So, staying grounded and disciplined is a challenge but I am glad I am committed!


    What keeps me into it… hard to answer that, better to ask “what are the few things I would rather be doing than astrology, and why do I rarely do them anymore?” Hah. The self-knowledge, self-improvement, excitement, fascination, illumination, and satisfaction I find in my studies are unparalleled by anything else I have ever done. I learn so much about myself and the people around me every day. My mind is stimulated, my path is lit and although I don’t know exactly how my career will manifest, I know that I am on the right path. My astrological studies provide me with such peace, confidence, reassurance, and a boundless capacity for learning and expansion. I’m a space case and I’ll never look back! I greatly look forward to my shift into being able to support myself with this work. I am hoping that by joining this site, I may be able to make this transition easier for myself, as I can network and share support with my fellows. Thanks for reading everyone, and please excuse my verbose nature…my soul still remembers being paid by the word 🙂

  • December 15, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Welcome Cheryl Anne! I can be equally verbose when I have the time, which unfortunately I’ve had very little of lately, but your intro was so comprehensive I did want to reach out and say hello! A couple of my closest friends are Leo Suns, and I have Venus & Mars conjunct in Leo. 🙂

    The International Society of Astrologers sounds intriguing! Would love to hear more about that. I too got hooked on the Astrology Podcast a few years ago and am in Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic course, although I haven’t had much time to work on it lately due to traveling and am in the process of starting up a podcast or two. But I love the work so much and look forward to getting back to it now that we’re in the winter months and once the holidays are over, things will calm down a bit.

    What did you study in undergrad and grad school? I’m always curious to see what else people are doing/what their background is – we have people in many diverse professions even if they don’t do astrology full-time. We have a lawyer in our local astrology group. I work as a librarian and run the cataloging dept at a public library.

    Have you been to astrology conferences/will you be attending UAC? It’s being held where I live so I’m very excited! I went to NORWAC last year and it was a great experience. If you’d like to stay in touch, I can usually be found here: http://facebook.com/fairymoonstone under my Juniper screen name.  Nice to meet you!

  • December 19, 2017 at 1:04 am

    Hi, I’m Yuanzhi, an astrologer in Chinese Ancient Astrology. I have been researching Chinese ancient astronomy and calendar for years. I love reading Ancient books, and going to different places to observe and experience specific phenological changes. 30 years ago, when I was in primary school, I began getting touch with and systematically learning Chinese Ancient Culture and Taoism Theory. I fell in love with Ancient Astronomy when I was in University, then I began doing some research in history of Chinese Ancient Astronomy and Ancient Calendar. 10 years ago, those learning and research pushed me to study Chinese Ancient Astrology, and thanks to decades of study in I Ching, Wu Xing, and all Chinese Traditional Culture I did, I was taken into this magical world. Recently, I began to read some books about Western Astrology,  and I found actually there are so many common ideas between them although they are based on different cosmology and methodology.  I live in Beijing now and I will be Chicago next year to attend UAC 2018. I am glad to meet you guys then.