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Have you done charts for all your family and friends, and you’re not sure how to break into client work? Are you dying to try out some timing techniques on someone’s chart, but aren’t quite ready to implement them in the wild yet?

This group is for pairing up with fellow astrologers to hone your skills and practice techniques in a safe space. One more degree of separation than working on family/friend charts, more personal than working on celebrity charts, but not quite the leap into working on charts for real life clients.

Recommended Approach: Start a thread stating what kind of astrology and techniques you employ, and what kind of astrologer you’d like to pair up with (if applicable). From there, astrologers can pair up and swap charts, give a reading in exchange for a reading, then compare notes and give constructive feedback. Everyone learns, everyone wins!

Though swapping information privately is recommended, how much you share publicly is up to you. Happy swapping!

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