• February 10, 2016 at 7:53 am

    Hello, Members and Friends!I

    thought it would be very interesting to have a thread where we could share our favorite Astrology related podcasts we like listening to. It would be also great  if we could discuss the recent topics they are discussing as sometimes some of them would stir up your thinking and/might need clarification or opinions and we could just share what we think and how we might apply it to our day to day basis.

    I know, it sounds armature, but we can still try it: sometimes being armature is a nice excuse for it.

    I’ll start. Well, first of all, there aren’t as many of them in total, but, hands down, The Astrology Podcast (produced by incredibly inspiring – Chris Brennan) is the winner in the category. That podcast evolved from his Traditional Astrology Radio; he always hosts amazing interviews with well known astrologers, discussing new events, books or tricky topics.
    I also like The Zoe Moon astrology Show as she is always fun briefly discussing the planetary movements for the week ahead that’s simple and down to earth, making people aware of the possible  changes to expect.

    The Living Astrology podcast is another one I tend to listen once in a while even it is more about the application of astrological knowledge in day to day life.

    The I Love Astrology podcast hosted by Nick Dagen Best had a cool vibe when he started but I assume it required more time than he had on his hand to keep producing it. And he also gets a star for trying.
    What do you think? What astrology related podcasts do you like to listen and what are your likes and dislike?

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  • February 15, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    Like you said, for sure Chris Brennan’s show, and Nick’s too, if he gets it going again. I also really enjoyed Shannon Garcia’s informative Coffee Break show for The Mountain Astrologer, with their cool little xylophone theme.

    I’ll also sometimes listen to Chris Flisher’s Turning of the Wheel. The subjects don’t interest me every single time, but he does pull some great guests.

  • February 23, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    Thanks for Sharing Alex and Nick! I also listen to the Astrology Podcast by Chris. I like how he summarizes points and includes those on the page where the episode can be downloaded (it’s useful if you are writing notes while listening). I used to watch the youtube videos because I like to follow along by viewing the charts they would put up (being a new student to astrology it was good practice to see the transits). Unfortunately, they will not be making the youtube videos for now but it will continue with the mp3 download. I also listen to Rick Levine, he has a youtube channel as well. He shows the chart and transits every month. I am going to check out the ones you mentioned Alex!

  • April 5, 2016 at 8:48 am

    @alex-zolotov asked me to post what podcasts I’ve listened to. I’m on Android, so I’m not sure if I’m missing some that are Apple-only? Where are you finding/searching for your podcasts?

    Chris Brennan’s The Astrology Podcast is definitely my favorite; I love thoroughness and he’s basically the most thorough person… ever! I also like the in-depth and easy-to-understand way he explains things, the diverse topics, the focus on Hellenistic astrology, and the variety of guests he has on the show.

    I listen to Anne Ortelee’s Weekly Weather Astrology for the weekly forecast, as well as This Week in Astrology by Benjamin Bernstein. I think of the forecast podcasts almost like different tarot decks – some have a more optimistic slant, some are more realistic or warn against extremely worrisome transits. Benjamin’s podcast tends to focus on the positive side of things and he uses modern astrology, so some of what he mentions aren’t things I actually use, but it’s still nice to know. I just started listening to Anne’s and she seems really casual, knowledgeable, with contemporary/relatable examples. I’d say she takes a realistic slant. Anne also does a podcast with two other people, Access Astrology, which I just started. I prefer her own podcast to this so far, but haven’t been listening long. That’s also the forecast and some call-ins.

    There’s another one called Axis Astrology airing from Vancouver, Canada, and it’s no longer updated but I listened to the old episodes when I was first learning astrological concepts, because they would focus on a different piece of astrology each time (different signs, planets, houses, nodes, etc.). It’s more of a light, surface level podcast rather than an in-depth study, but it was helpful to a beginner. Alison Price from the podcast runs the Starzology website.

    Another one that’s hardly ever updated now is Astrology: The Theory of Everything, which is another I used when learning concepts, because they focused on a different topic each time, hosted by Janey McCarthy and Mary Jo Weaver. They’d have guests sometimes too.

    Thanks to the other people in this thread for suggestions – I should check out Rick Levine’s because I think he’s supposed to be coming to Chicagoland this year for an all-day workshop!

  • April 14, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Hi, Everyone!
    Kepler College has great resources and they have a page where they offer Astrology related podcasts, I copied that and I’ll let the teacher know I did that, so we all have an idea what’s out there available as a grear audio resource to learn more about the subject that’s our passion. Enjoy!

    Astrology Podcasts

    Anne Beversdorf_Jyotish astro Podcasts|Stariel.com There may be some duplication with her shows on Puja.net, below, but this is her own site.

  • April 18, 2016 at 10:31 am

    WOW!! Thanks so much for all those links, Alex! That’s incredibly helpful and way more than I would have found on my own. 🙂