• March 18, 2016 at 9:31 am

    Hi everyone!
    Since the Online AYA members meet-up is such a success I thought I would be nice to share topics you want to be discussed in the future meet ups.
    I’m sure that our kindly suggestions would be a great help for the Keymasters and amazing people who bring us together and run the website.

    Share astrology related topics that concern you, interest or puzzle you.
    I will start.
    I have a few ones that I’m really interested in, that a lot of young astrologers can relate to.

    1. Developing your astrological research. We all have some interesting ideas, but how we proceed and go from an idea to a developed research, that’s something I really like to know.

    2.Arabic Parts and their use in modern time.

    3.writing horoscope columns, basic ideas and techniques. I know it can be a great excersicise for a young astrologer to practice the knowledge of the planets’ cycles.


    Those are just a few I already had in mind.
    Share your ideas, if you like, as we are the power to make our community grow and shine!

    And a huge thank you for those who organize the meet ups and making wonderful experience of getting together happen!

  • March 19, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    @AlexZolotov thanks for taking the initiative for this topic. You pick some interesting topics I like your 3rd topic.


    I would be interested in learning about mitigating aspects in someone’s charts when they are heavily afflicted. I am so new to the fieldĀ of astrology that almost any topic is a great learning opportunity!