• January 9, 2016 at 8:39 am

    Hi, all.  I haven’t been on the forums in a while, and after waking up to what I believe to be a strongly transit-associated event, I found myself looking for an astrologically-competent set of ears to discuss it with.  So I created this topic, and I hope others will post in it and share and reflect on things they are currently experiencing related to transits in their own charts.

    Today, I woke up to the sound of water trickling down between my bedroom wall and the wall of my bathroom. After investigating a little, I noticed that some of the steam radiators throughout my apartment were leaking varying amounts of water. I called our maintenance guy, a chill dude who has the amazing ability to routinely arrive in less than ten minutes, who showed up (in a timely manner) and tightened some valves and was able to stop the radiators from leaking, but still we heard the sound of water running in the wall.  Jerry told us not to worry about it because there was a pipe located there, but that we should worry if we could see a water spot.  He went on his way, and about an hour later, we had water spots on both sides of the wall.  By this time the downstairs neighbor had noticed water was flowing into his apartment from the same wall and the maintenance team had taken action to regulate the boiler/valves/etc.

    Now, so far this hasn’t really been a disruption to my life to nearly the degree of the neighbor below me, but over the last month, I have been curiously anticipating the impact of Pluto’s third pass over my Mars in mid-Capricorn.  Today, the new moon is conjunct Pluto, right on top of my Mars placement, and all this steam and water passing unseen through the walls seems appropriate for such a transit.  I should probably also mention that Mars rules my IC….

    In early 2015 during Pluto’s initial and retrograde passes to my Mars, I was dealing with a flea infestation in my previous apartment, brought in by one of my neighbors’ many cats.  I had a particularly annoying time dealing with this because though they were in my apartment, I didn’t have a pet upon which the fleas could concentrate.  During this period, a mouse had also found its way into my kitchen cupboards through a maintenance hole left by a negligent plumber.  UGH.  These little creatures cause such a disruption to the smoothly-running machine that is my Mars in Capricorn life!

    I laugh at myself a little in retrospect when thinking about my anticipation of these Pluto transits.  There I was in 2014, watching nervously as Pluto (with its lingering Uranus square) crept closer and closer to my Mars. As a more psychologically-inclined astrologer, I was expecting some deeply-lodged family-related wounding to resurface at this time, but so far, I have mostly been dealing with very tangible (earthy), house-related disturbances at these transits, in addition to being extremely busy.

    This was a good reminder to me to not focus on any transit in cookbookish isolation.  When there is this idea out there that Mars/Pluto transits may be dangerous or otherwise concerning, it is so easy to become fearful and forget everything else tied into the transit in one’s chart.  In my fearful silliness, I lost trust in the fact that I have a well-aspected, well-integrated, and well-grounded Mars in the sign of its exaltation, in a sextile to my natal Pluto. While the ongoing dance of Pluto with my Mars placement has not lived up to my initial fearful expectations, I have certainly noticed Pluto’s effects in other ways (as illustrated in this post).  In conclusion, this seems to be another good lesson for this Pisces Sun in learning to be a relaxed and surrendered observer of life and its cycles.

    So…to the rest of you, let’s do some good, Mercury-retrograde reflecting: What recent experiences have you connected to your natal chart in a meaningful way?

  • January 21, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    Nice one, Alia! Pluto transitted my Mars around ’06 – ’08. Even though it was in my 4th, it was a lot less to do with issues of the home and a lot more to do with a general powerless feeling and a redefinition of what it means to be strong. The more apparent thing was that it crushed a few of my big dreams! Especially surrounding travel to foreign lands. But my Mars is also conjunct Neptune. The biggest example: I had wanted to go teach English in Japan very badly after college, but found myself thwarted at every attempt.

    More recently, I witness the power of MC rulership vs. 10th house rulership, as well as the power of the Hellenistic technique of annual protections. This was during the Venus retrograde last year. For years, I tried to avoid changing jobs during Mercury retrograde, because Merc rules my 10th, and I figured that would be a bad idea.  I hadn’t really thought of Venus ruling job placement for me, which was silly of me because my MC is in Taurus. (Just to clarify, in whole sign houses, the MC doesn’t act as the 10th house cusp, and can be in a different house.) Now, the annual protections technique earmarks one particular planet’s transits as being particularly significant for the year, changing on the native’s birthday. For me, last year was a Venus year. After Venus stationed direct, I changed jobs, leaving behind one that was making me miserable for one that suits my needs and temperament much, much better (and which is pretty Taurean, crunching numbers.)

    The funny thing was that it wasn’t until then that I went back and looked again at the last time I had changed jobs. While I had avoided the Mercury retrograde, I had started my miserable job during the Venus retrograde in Gemini. Womp womp!

  • February 15, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    Let’s keep this going…

    The main thing that’s been on my mind has been trying to roll out projects before Mars hits its shadow degree, which I believe happens this Thursday. Once it goes into the 23rd degree of Scorpio, I’m a bit paranoid that projects begun are going to have to be rebuilt from the ground up after his retrograde. It’s only 5 degrees away from my Jupiter and my IC, so I expect that it’ll affect the space between my ability to expand and the foundations I’ve built in terms of home and psyche. I set some big goals for myself this year, and want to make sure I come out on the right side of things.

  • February 25, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    So, I have an update on an astrology-be-damned decision I made while Venus was still retrograde last year conjunct Mars (which happens to rule my IC) and opposing my natal Moon….  I had just moved into a new apartment and against my better judgment, was impatient to order a new chair to round out the sitting area. I ordered the chair, despite having just read something about Venus’ associations with furniture. (You can probably guess where this might be going.)

    The chair was a custom order, and while I’m still pretty happy with the selection we made (style/fabric), it was scheduled to arrive much later than hoped.  The order was placed at the end of August and supposed to arrive in mid-December.  OK, I said, WHATEVER.  December comes and goes and there is no further communication on the status of the chair.  I contact the company and they say there’s been a problem with different dye lots being ordered and they are waiting to get the correct fabric order, so it will probably be a few more weeks.  Still no word about any progress, so I contact the company again.  This time they say the chair should arrive the week of March 7th.

    Then a few days later, I get a phone call, telling me I have to pick a new fabric because they just can’t seem to get the fabric I want.  It is now six months later–still no chair–and I’m thinking I might just cancel the damn order.

    Turns out Jupiter was also conjunct the Sun on the day I placed the order, leading me to be a little overly optimistic about my chances of overruling the day’s celestial forecast. Lesson learned!

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