• October 4, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Hi Everyone!
    The time flew by and now is almost the time for one of the biggest Astrology conference of the Year! ISAR 2016, woot woot!

    I thought that would be a great forum topic for everyone who is going/wants to go/wants more details/has questions…

    Let us know if you will be there so that we could meet up and introduce ourselves to each other! The more new friends we make there the more memorable the event will be!

    Personally, I will be arriving to Costa Mesa on Wednesday afternoon and will be there till late Monday evening. I would be more than happy to meet all of you at any time during the conference!
    You can also send your info or questions in a private message (or email: caniknemez@gmail.com)!

    Anybody else is thinking they might be going?