• April 12, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    I have a question that’s kind of hard to frame – it seems like astrologers have differing opinions on how astrology actually works. Some people believe that the planets’ energy either causes or influences events and/or psychological states. Some follow signification theory and believe that the planets are symbolically representing what is likely to happen on Earth, like a map or guide. (Are there other theories besides these?)

    However, I’ve also heard numerous astrologers argue that the effects of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are negligible on individuals (except possibly through aspects from the outer planets to points in their chart) but the outer planet transits can affect generations. Some have said that the outer planets are “too far out” to have an impact on individual people and we should look to the personal planets for that. That line of reasoning implies that planetary energy is involved in astrology and that physical distance matters.

    If you follow the signification theory, however, then why would personal planets affect individuals, but outer planets, not nearly as much? If it’s not dependent on planetary energy or distance, then why would outer planets affect individuals less?

    I’m not asking this very well, and astrologers have a range of views, so depending on what you believe, you may answer differently, but if anyone could clarify this, that’d be great. Thanks!

  • April 14, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Hi, @cassidy-juniper!

    Great question!
    I would share my opinion on those questions you mentioned above.

    As for the concept of the Planets being the CAUSE of the events happening on Earth or just a SYMBOL or outline of the possible events to expect, it has been always a big debate and astrologers still cannot agree on that, each of us has to come to this decision at some point and decide for yourself, how the planets’ energies actually work. There is also a theory that Planets in the sky mirror the events happening or co-happening on Earth, It’s like Earth is a mini cosmos on its own and “as above, so below”.

    But that’s not it. Planet’s being the CAUSES vs. SYMBOLS can be PARTIALLY or COMPLETE predetermined.

    Complete determinism would be largely influenced by stoic when they believe that we are here to fulfill the destiny, what we have pre-chosen before birth, and stars not just indicate that but also bring the every thought, emotion and action into life and shapes up your life that way, free will is just freedom of not knowing.

    Partial determinism would be described as that we have we are born with different parent, different sex, material status, city and so on and so forth. Stars, though, indicate of what might happen and we have freedom to change things and act in a specific way to avoid the negative events or bring positive energy into fruition.


    As for the generational planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, – I think that they definitely influence each and every one of us when they make aspects to our personal planets or sensitive points in chart. You cannot deny the fact that when Uranus makes a hard aspect to your Venus – we know that some changes are to come in relationships we have and so on. Yes, the planets are far away and move very slow, so their influence is not as noticeable or fast acting, it is being brought up gradually, but it’s there. Plus they are invisible to a naked eye, so we can symbolically say that their influence is not as noticeable as the influence of, let’s say, Mars, that fast and acting and you can’t not notice that.

    This is my opinion but I would also like to hear others talk about that.

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