• November 8, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Hey friends!

    The Association for Astrological Networking is offering five scholarships to their members, and the application process is now open! This is a GREAT opportunity to get some financial assistance if you want to go to a conference or take a class next year, but can’t find the funds to do so. Here’s the official announcement:

    Your AFAN Steering Committee is happy to announce to our members that AFAN will be awarding $2,300 in scholarships to the membership for the year of 2017. The purpose of these scholarships is to provide members with the resources to further their astrological knowledge and enhance their professional skills. Please note that in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship you must be an AFAN member in good standing for the year 2017 when you submit your application

    (1) $700 Full Conference Scholarships, for registration, hotel, and meal expenses at a conference of your choice. Recipients of the Full Conference Scholarships will be required to perform a minimum of 1 hour per day service at the AFAN table during the conference.

    (2) $300 Conference-of-Your-Choice Scholarships (such as NCGR, NORWAC, SOTA, or similar conferences) Recipients of the Conference of your choice scholarships will be required to perform a minimum of 1⁄2 hour per day service at the AFAN table during the conference.

    (2) $500 Study Stipends. Applications will be accepted for one course or term of study online or in person, up to a maximum of $500. Eligible classes for this category are those available through a school/association/etc. which offers multiple teachers or styles rather than private tutoring.

    How to Apply:

    Applications should be sent by email to scholarships@afan.org and should include:

    -the specific scholarship(s) you are applying for

    -a short explanation of your background in astrology so far

    -how the scholarship would help you further your aims in astrology

    -a statement of financial need

    For study stipend grants only, please also include the cost for the specific study term or project proposal.

    Your application must be received by December 14, 2016

    Scholarship recipients will afterwards write a brief article about their experiences to be published in the AFAN newsletter. Conference scholarship recipients will also assist at the AFAN membership table during the conference attended.

    All applicants will be notified of results by January 1, 2017.

    Your 2017 AFAN Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs Marcela Andaluz and Fernando Guimaraes

    I am personally a recipient of an AFAN scholarship for 2016, which is how I’m getting to SOTA this year, and I’m so grateful! It’s a wonderful thing that AFAN does for the community, and I would love to see some fellow young astrologers have an opportunity to take part in it. You can become an AFAN member by following this link.