+Dinner and Drinks with Chris Brennan (April 19, 2017 ─ online)

Our next monthly Dinner and Drinks hangout is with Chris Brennan! Stay tuned for all the details, including an RSVP link. 

As always, Dinner and Drinks is free, casual, online, and open to everyone!

Past Events Archive

This archive only features AYA events from 2013 and newer.

+Northwest Annual Astrology Conference (May 22-26, 2014 — Seattle, WA)

The AYA is going to be at the Northwest Astrology Conference (NORWAC) in Seattle on May 24-26!  Swing by our table and say hi!  

For more information about NORWAC 2014, visit the website!


+ISAR Astrology Conference (September 25-28th, 2014 — Phoenix, AZ)

 AYA will be in full force at the ISAR conference in Phoenix, AZ on September 25-28.  We’ll be hosting the big Friday night party, coordinating a room share, and launching the inaugural issue of The Ascendant: The Official Journal of the Association for Young Astrologers.  

For more info about ISAR 2014, visit the website!


+NYC Get Together (September 18th, 2013 — New York, NY)

An evening of astrological discourse and fellowship, hosted by Michael Lutin. A round table discussion about authors, techniques and schools and the beginning of a monthly meeting of minds. Refreshments provided!

NYC Get Together

What aspects of astrology do you find most exciting lately?  Which branches, authors, or techniques particularly capture your attention right now? This talk will be a round table discussion that we hope will be the start of a monthly meeting of the minds. The intention is that subsequent events will provide a venue for budding speakers to get comfortable presenting material in a low-pressure setting.

Please note that for this meeting, we’d like to attendance limited to current AYA members, though future meetings will be open to friends and prospective members.  Light refreshments will be provided! Michael’s offices are just down the block from Union Square, on 5th Ave and 11th St. Please RSVP by September 13th.

+NCGR 2013 Conference (August 15th-19th, 2013 — Philadelphia, PA)

The Association for Young Astrologers will be attending NCGR’s 2013 conference. We will be hosting a table at the event to sign up new members and spread the word about our organization, and will also be hosting a party in the AYA roomshare suite on Friday night (August 16th). We will have two rooms available to AYA members as a roomshare. Last but not least, four of our members will  be speaking at a pre-conference workshop, which you can purchase tickets for in advance online (below) or at the door.

AYA Pre-Conference Workshop: The Mercurial Quartet

The Association for Young Astrologers is proud to present a quartet of  talks by 4 of our members, each challenging assumptions and offering fresh perspectives within their area of  expertise.   We’ll deal with the neglected history of our art, astrology’s intersection with other esoteric communities, human relationships and the soul itself.  This family style offering serves up both variety and depth.  Come and meet the future of astrology.

Dr. Jenn Zahrt will share with us the fruits of her doctoral thesis, the often ignored bloom of astrology in early 20thcentury Germany. Dr. Zahrt will take us back to this crucial period, where we’ll explore the tensions between emerging theosophical, psychological, statistical and cosmobiological approaches- a contentious ferment with surprising parallels to debates happening today.

Wonder Bright takes us inward, with a discussion about what value ancient concepts of the soul have for the modern astrologer.  Wonder ignores party lines here, weaving between modern, traditional and evolutionary schools of thought, uncovering and utilizing age old ideas and applying them in a uniquely modern, spiritual way.

Rebecca Crane brings fresh perspective to an age old problem: human relationships.  Inspired and informed by her background as a therapist, Rebecca guides us into a new way of looking at how couples experience their charts in relationship.

Eric Pride explores the boundary between astrology and other esoteric communities, and brings to light the fruit of these mysterious intersections.  We will examine the role the language of astrology has played in both worship and magick, and explore the techniques these practitioners used to harness the power of the heavens to produce wondrous effects.  Not only that, we’ll also consider the importance of this material in today’s magical and astrological communities.

Due to the conferences event requirements, we are not allowed to discount tickets for members. Your ticket purchase goes towards supporting the exposure of young people in astrology, and supporting our members.

This event has passed. We’ll let you know about the next one!