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Austin Coppock
July 23, 2014


Guest Blog

We’re happy to kick off what is soon to be a bi-weekly guest blog with Ryhan Butler’s excellent piece on Planetary Reception.  The first of a three part series, this installment focuses on how one planet passes on, or “pushes” its significations to another.  His essay is almost certain to deepen your understanding of aspects.

We’re planning on putting a new guest blog up every other week for the next eternity or so, and we’re going to need help.  If you’d like to be a featured blogger, please email us at

Stepping into the Circle: September 25th-28th

Though it’s still more than two months away, ISAR’s big conference in Arizona is coming up fast!  The AYA will be there in force.  We’re working with the friendly folks at ISAR to ensure that the big Friday night party delivers a righteous payload of fun.

We’re also coordinating a roomshare to help AYA members who need to economize on room and board.  We’re due to release the details of the roomshare next week- so stay tuned.

Finally, we plan to unveil the very first issue of Ascendant: The Official Journal of the AYA at the Conference.  Keep an eye out for more details and a sneak peak or two.

More soon!

-The AYA



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The Ascendant: The Official Journal of the Association for Young Astrologers
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Austin Coppock
May 4, 2014


The Association for Young Astrologers (AYA) is now accepting submissions for the first issue of The Ascendant, the official journal of the AYA. Graced by the writing of astrologers emerging on the horizon and buttressed by the prose of culminating veterans, The Ascendant will serve as a means of ingress to both the breadth and depth of the celestial art.

For the first issue, we welcome previously unpublished work around the topic of ‘New Frontiers for Astrology’. These ‘New Frontiers’ need not be future-oriented, though, for the missing pieces of the art’s history can be just as revelatory as its undiscovered future.  The borderlands the first issue of The Ascendant seeks to reconnoitre include, but are not limited to, the reconstruction of previously unknown traditional material, innovations in the application of astrology, novel perspectives on the philosophical implications of the art, and considerations of the new crop of academic studies of astrology.

The Ascendant promises to deliver a curated selection of work that will simultaneously showcase what the younger generations of astrologers are doing and serve as an introduction to the myriad forms of astrological practice and research methods. We are looking for articles that demonstrate the cutting edge of astrological praxis.

Our editorial board will review submissions for originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability. Authors will be notified as soon as possible of the acceptability of their submissions. AYA does not discriminate against authors based on age, race, creed, or gender. AYA is for young astrologers, not of them, and the aim of the journal matches this mission statement.

Papers should be submitted by MAY 31, 2014. They should typically not exceed 8000 words length and should be submitted to Shorter submissions are welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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News 2/20/13: No Nation…
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Official AYA
February 20, 2013
Demetra George, Gary Caton, Austin Coppock, Benjamin Dykes and Chris Brennan have generously donated a number of lectures and new learning materials to the AYA coffers.
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