The Ascendant, Issue 1The Ascendant is unlike any astrological publication you have seen before. Not quite a  journal, and not quite a magazine, it features 72 full-color pages of probing articles alongside the photography and artwork of living artists. The articles offer a balance between theory-driven inquiry and practice-based evidence. Philosophy, historiography, and new takes on tradition are presented with a tone of openness, inviting you to join in the thought experiments for expanding upon our astrological knowledge. While the Association for Young Astrologers is aimed at supporting the entry of younger generations into the astrological community, there is something in The Ascendant for everyone.

Our inaugural issue includes: two articles on astrological magic, one from the realm of theory by Eric Purdue and the other from the workbench by Tony Mack; a report by Ian Waisler on the making of the first Queer Astrology Conference followed by reflections by Gary Lorentzen on the previous generation of queer astrologers, many of whom died of AIDS. Leisa Schaim considers how the Hellenistic technique of sect may improve our more modern concerns with the Saturn return, while Andrea L. Gehrz introduces an empowering framework for astrological remediation that we may use with clients. Our two features include fresh findings on the long cycle of Venus and Mars, by Gary Caton, as well as a thoughtful reconsideration of the potential rulers of radioactivity and nuclear disaster by Dr. Lee Lehman. Kent Bye rounds out the issue with fascinating proposals for how astrology may be integrated with the rapidly emerging advances in virtual reality technology. These articles are accompanied by Wonder Bright’s portraits, which seek to capture a sense of Venus as it appears in her subject’s charts; Katie Grinnan’s interactive “astrological orchestra”; and mixed-media interpretations of the zodiac from the artists who took part in Yvette Endrijautzki’s “Constellation” exhibition.

Our initial launch includes 144 limited-edition, numbered copies of the first issue.

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