Announcement: New Webmaster on the AYA Board!
Jo Gleason
January 7, 2018

Please welcome our newest AYA board member: Alison Tinker, Webmaster!

Alison’s professional background is in illustration, digital design and web development. Her interest in astrology began in 2008 when a friend did a natal chart reading for her. After studying many different branches of astrology she eventually formed a deep interest in medieval astrology and astrological magic. In 2015 she began Christopher Warnock’s Astrological Magic Course which greatly furthered her passion for the subject. By day she works as a web developer. By night she works on a variety of creative projects, including combining art and astrology to craft magical talismans. She joined AYA to become more involved in the astrological community and to find a path towards turning her love of astrology into more than just a hobby. She lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.


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