The Association for Young Astrologers (AYA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities for those interested in astrology, with a focus on young people, those new to the field, and aspiring professionals.

Our mission is to ensure the continuity of the astrological tradition across generations. To this end we support aspiring astrologers and offer a social networking community where they can learn, be inspired and connect with both peers and mentors. We also publish a yearly journal, offer  members access to free educational resources, scholarships to astrology conferences, and more!

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A Brief History of the AYA

AYA’s history starts in 2003, when a couple young astrologers noted that there weren’t very many young people attending workshops and conferences, and even fewer speaking at them. These astrologers talked to others, and a conversation began about why this was the case, and what could be done about it.

Six months and a thousand conversations later, the Association for Young Astrologers was born. AYA was founded to build bridges across generational divides, to connect younger astrologers with the astrological community and to advocate for them within it. Not only that, but AYA created a place for young astrologers to network with and learn from both peers and mentors.

Since then, the Association for Young Astrologers has pursued and achieved its goals admirably.  AYA succeeded at making it possible for young astrologers to attend, as well as speak at, a number of conferences and workshops. AYA has also facilitated an abundance of online and in-person networking, fostering community between peers as well relationships across generations. AYA has also accumulated an archive of educational materials for its members. And last but not least, AYA has hosted some fine mighty fine parties.

Now a decade old, AYA has accomplished much of it what it set out to do, but there’s plenty more brewing. If you’re reading this, you’re looking at our new website- the first social network for astrologers. We’re also working on the first issue of what will become our annual journal, “The Ascendant.” Our own conference is also not too far in the distance…we’ll keep you posted.

Current Board

Alia Wesala, President

AliaBioPhotoAlia is a licensed macro social work practitioner and astrologer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has studied astrology since the age of 14, focusing on modern psychological approaches and synastry. In 2013, she began moonlighting as a professional astrologer, offering brief natal and synastry interpretations at a local bookstore and has steadily been growing her practice since. She is currently serving as the president of the Association for Young Astrologers.








Danny Larkin, Vice President

DannyBioPhoto2cropDanny lives in New York City. In 2007, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fordham University, earning a Bachelor’s with special honors in Art History. While at Fordham he studied broadly, including courses on Ancient Greek art, temple architecture, and pagan religion. He also studied Roman art, imperial religion, and ancient mystery cults. In 2016, he learned how to erect a horoscope by hand, passed the first level NCGR test, and studied Hellenistic Astrology with Demetra George during a five day intensive in Oregon. Currently, he is progressing through Chris Brennan’s online course in Hellenistic Astrology and taking occasional modules with Austin Coppock. In 2016, he also assisted Chris Brennan with some special research projects such as analyzing the rising sign on extant Greek papyrus horoscopes, literary analysis of a Latin astrological treatise, and translation of a French source on the history of astrology, all in preparation for Brennan’s landmark Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune (2017). In 2017, Danny will embark upon an ambitious learning schedule. He will travel to Oxford to study with Robert Hand and other members of the Faculty of Astrological Studies for their Summer School. He will return to Oregon to study with Demetra George during her second annual Hellenistic Astrology intensive. Finally, he will make a journey to Cornwall, England to study Carl Jung and the origins of modern psychological astrology with Liz Greene.





Alex Zolotov, Member Engagement Coordinator

AlexBioPhotoMy name is Alex (or Sasha, which short for Aleksandr) and I am originally from Russia. I had an opportunity to study and travel all throughout different European countries before settling down in the United States. The interest in astrology came naturally after being exposed to an enormous number of books on spirituality. After a few years of soul searching I am now in the process of getting my fancy degree in marketing as well as the Professional Diploma in Astrology from Kepler college. Rich multicultural experience, along with my extremely mutable chart makes it extremely easy for me to relate and connect with people around me (although, that part could just be me being gay). As cliché as it sounds, Astrology allows me to understand myself better and that awareness makes me want to share this knowledge and passion with others! My engagement with AYA doesn’t just allow me to actualize my natural potentials, it makes me feel like a proud part of the Future of the Astrologies.






Amy Jo Gleason, Social Media and Graphics Maven


Jo is a freelance writer and graphic designer based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Although her fascination with astrology started in her late teens, she began dedicated study after discovering the work of Project Hindsight. After a year at Kepler College in 2015, Jo adjusted her focus to a primarily traditional approach, studying Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan and Planetary Magic with Austin Coppock. Jo is currently on staff with the State of the Art Astrology Conference as the program and flier designer. She joined the Association for young Astrologers board in June 2016 to manage the social media accounts, and soon began creating graphics for planetary alignments and AYA events.